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finally had a weekend off so i loaded up the gosm with some goodies and a nice rack of ribs


some nice brown suger and cajun spice rub   sweet and hot like my woman!!!!  


5612 006.JPG


smoker is smiling!!


5612 008.JPG


3 hours in ready for some foil and a little juice bath


5612 009.JPG


this will be my rack!


5612 017.JPG


looking good from here


5612 018.JPG


dinner is served!!!


5612 019.JPG



thanks for watching

god bless america where we can do this on a saturday if we want to!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Oh my - looking good!

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Them are some great looking bones.. Bet they are tasty

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Looks great!

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Another great smoke Rick. 

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Wow, those ribs look good!

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Looks good!

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Those will go great sitting out on your "beach"! biggrin.gif

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They look great!

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Man them look good!

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Damn. Now I wish I had a rack of spares to do! Mouth is watering. 

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