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Todays Brisket w/qview

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I smoked a 9 ½ lb brisket today.  I started by rinsing off the brisket, drying it, then injecting it with a marinade consisting of store bought beef broth, with 3 extra bouillon cubes, merlot and lawry’s seasoned salt.  I boiled and reduced this by about 1/3.


I covered the brisket in mustard, then rubbed it with:

Ancho Chile Powder



Ground Mustard


Kosher Salt




I also mopped it every hour or so with a mop that was made with:

Sam Adams Boston Lager

Cider Vinegar


Poblano Pepper

Red Onion

Brown Sugar

Bay Leaves

Salt and Pepper



I smoked it at 225 with Sugar maple.  Mopped it regularly.  Foiled at 170*,  Took off at 190* and wrapped in a blanket and put it in a cooler for 3 hours.  Will be serving tomorrow for dinner.  Im going to reheat it in a crockpot, already sliced with some beef broth and some of the leftover mop.







I also made a batch of cheddar beer bread that I’ll butter up with a garlic butter and serve the brisket over it.





I couldnt help myself.  I had to make a little plate before I wrapped it up again and put it in the fridge for tomorrow.  I also topped it off with a finishing sauce that I whipped up, just a combination of Ketchup, Cider Vinegar, Worchestershire, Coke, Chili Powder, Brown Sugar, salt, pepper and butter.


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Thanks for the Qview,  looks delicious!

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