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I did this a few years ago, then finally got rid of my tv too a couple years ago. Don't really miss it, only for football season and hockey playoffs. Now I pick up new hobbies every so often to keep me entertained, and to learn a bit of something I didn't know before. I found when I had it I could waste hours, but figured the time could be better spent elsewhere.

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It's a huge scam where you pay a bunch of money for a bunch of crap that you're never going to watch!!!!!!

Where's the logic in that?

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Congratulations! If we all dropped cable maybe they would bring the prices into a "reasonable" range!! I dropped the cable when the children went to off to school!!

You will be pleasantly surprised how much you really don't miss it!

Plus it gives me me time to work on my smokin' recipes!! lol

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biggrin.gif Almost forgot about this thread.


Should have done this years ago! The local channels are good enough for me and they are FREE! The cell phone/plan is next!!! When the contract is up, I'm switching back to a dumb phone and basic plan. lol, If I keep this up pretty soon I'll find myself eating with bare hands.

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We've got Uverse w/internet and it's worth every single penny!  My wife LOVES to watch 'dead' movies and I don't; I give her total control of the TV.  If its something that interests me, we watch it together, she's an expert at the DVR and can fast forward precisely through any commercial.  Usually we watch Guide during dinner while she scours the channels, gives me time to hurry up and eat and go into the computer room while she settles on a show that I won't like anyways, so I get to get on SMF.  Anything good she'll turn it up so I can listen and still work on SMF or my Stroke and ABI Strategies page -  As long as she's happy, I'm happy!  (BTW, 'dead' movies are movies that are usually B+W where all the actors and actresses are dead by now! lol!).

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U-verse 300 is what I switched to when it became available in my area. Had the DVR and two other boxes. Could record 4 channels at the same time and watch recordings on any TV and blah, blah, blah... all kinds of bells and whistles but, it came to a point where I didn't watch it that much anymore, even though it was always on. The cost of living is getting more and more expensive, meanwhile my wage is getting lower and lower! For me it wasn't a difficult decision to discontinue their services and save some money for more important things in life. 

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I'm so glad to have read this thread to learn about so many others who think like me.


I have Dish and for the past 2 years of more, I've been paying $80.00 a month. It's been killing me to make that payment because as someone earlier said, how much crap can you really watch? With work, being in grad school, running my house, I don't have a lot of free time. So I downgraded to basic. My new bill is $14.00 a month. Plus, with the internet, you can find most things that you might want for free. But really, I find that most t.v. shows are crap. I prefer to read a book.

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Well, as of today I haven't had cable TV for one year. Used that savings to buy a few really nice BBQ toys, like my 22.5" WSM and Weber Performer. Thought about having it turned back on a few times, but didn't. They're still sending me stuff in the mail, sometimes twice a week, like.... "get a $200 gift card when you sign up for blah...blah...blah". I have nothing against cable TV other than (to me) it's not worth the money they're charging for it.


biggrin.gif Some of you reading this may be thinking 'who really gives a rat's behind', lol. Well, I was bored when I started this thread one year ago.... I didn't have cable TV hit.gif

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I lived off grid for a while but actually had free internet at the time.  I didn't pay for netflix or hulu but I did watch many shows on hulu a few days after they were aired.  Anything else I would go here .  Sometimes you have to try a few different links to get the show you want. 

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But if it wasn't for cable and BBQ Pitmasters, I would not have started smoking or tried a few comps.

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I haven't had cable tv in over a decade.
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  I quit Directv about 6 months ago. I was paying 75 dollars a month and only watched a few channels on a regularly. Really haven't missed it.



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I would give up TV but Big Bang Theory is 1 of my favorites, Plus the wife would divorce me

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Originally Posted by Allen View Post

I would give up TV but Big Bang Theory is 1 of my favorites, Plus the wife would divorce me

There you go. If my wife didn't have her Judge Judy & stupid reality shows to watch, she's probably start paying more attention to me. But not in a good way.

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