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Chicken and Ham

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Hi every 

   I had to make some thing for lunch today so I thought why not try chicken and Ham.  I fillet my chicken off the bones.


Don 114.jpg


Don 115.jpg



Then I flatten them outDon 116.jpg


The I put some good Black Forest ham on them  and then cheese and the I flattened out the little chicken tender lion that you end up with put it on top of every thing.Don 117.jpg


Then I rolled all that up and of course you always have to put some bacon on them.

480Don 118.jpg


I put a few tooth picks in them to hold them together. Then on to the smoker for a couple of hours. Ihave to say it was a very good lunch. smile.gif





Don 119.jpg

Just make sure you take out all the tooth picks.

Don 120.jpg


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That looks awesome!!! I gotta try that, Thanks!

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Will put that one on the to-do list for sure.

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Looks like it came out great

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Things we come up w/ when we hungree...



Awesome job...Most deff have to try this one as well...




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