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Birthday party smoke

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I love early morning smokes. So peaceful outside. Today is my daughters first birthday and we are expecting several people to stop by. Pork butt has been on about an hour or so. Adding a pork sirloin marinated in evoo, garlic, salt and pepper along with 2 chickens that I'm about to spatchcock. Not sure how I'm doing them yet. Stay tuned for some QViews!
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I have to agree with one around but the dog!  He can't wait for the scraps this evening!


Oh, and happy b-day to your little girl!  Enjoy it......they grow up fast!

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Sounds like you have a great day planned,

looking forward to the Qview biggrin.gif

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Dinner time!



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That all looks like it came out great!...JJ

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it looks great

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Great job,


points1.png  for the full smoker


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Happy Birthday Daughter! I made you a little smoked treat! Is she enjoying Daddy's barbeque? I know she enjoyed the party! Everything looks good, Jeff

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Oh my yes she had a blast as did we. This was by far my best smoke and all because of the digital thermo. I didn't have to lose all the heat opening and closing the lid to check the temp. The pork butt was so easy to pull. Getting it above 200 really does make a difference. Thanks all!
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Folks will sure be well fed at that party!  Nice work.

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Happy Birthday to your daughter and congrats to you on a great looking smoke

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  That's a great looking spread! It looks delicious.



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