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That looks good to me. Love gumbo, now i'll have to make some. I saw Alton Brown make roux in the oven not traditional but looked like it worked pretty good less chance to burn it or get burned. I have heard roux called cajun napalm before. Lot of truth to that.
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Can't do a proper roux without a cast iron skellet....but it sure looks good the way you did it! 

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Cajun napalm, lol.  I started with an iron skillet but I didn't want to scratch it up with all the stirring so I moved it to that SS one.  It has a pretty heavy bottom on it and seemed to do the job.

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Always tastes even better day after
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Nice... send me a bowl of THATicon_exclaim.gif drool.gif

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I've been seeing lots about gumbo on here lately - guess I'm just gonna have to break down & make some more instead of just drooling when I see the pics   hit.gif

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Looks Gumbo. I make a leftover turkey sausage Gumbo after the Thanksgiving bird has been demolished. Make a gallon of stock outta that carcass & you're really on the way to Gumbo heaven. Which brings to mind the age old question.......'is it a soup or is it a stew?'....LOL

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Neither cause its roux based
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Originally Posted by alblancher View Post

I'll deny that I ever said this but I have browned flour in the oven on a cookie sheet,  stir it once a while.  When it is about the color you want you finish it in the skillet with the oil.   Another thing is if you are trying to cut the fat in your diet you can go ahead and just add the browned flour to the chicken stock, meat and sauteed vegs.  My mom did this quite a bit when she didn't have time to prepare the Roux properly,  It works pretty well and is a neat trick.


Don't forget,  on a rainy day when there is nothing to do outside you can make a big batch of roux and store it in a mason jar on the counter.  A couple of tablespoons will thicken a gravy.


One more thing, next spaghetti gravy you make, start with a roux.  Really mellows out the tomato


That's the end of my Roux Rant.  Light colored Blond roux, peanut butter colored roux, milk chocolate roux, dark chocolate roux


I much prefer a roux that I make myself but when i am in a hurry and pressed for time I will use Savoies ready made roux in a jar. Not as good as homemade but passable. I also like to use olive oil when making a roux.


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