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First Cheese.

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Well I got my AMZNPS in the mail the other day and guess what? I'm smoking some cheese. I have Sharp Cheddar, Mild Cheddar, Colby, Colbyjack, Pepper Jack, Fresh Mozz, and String Cheese. I threw a foil boat of Kosher Salt where I had room as well. For my wood I'm using Hickory, Maple, and Cherry. She is making TBS right now. I didn't take pre smoke pictures because well, who hasn't seen cheese before. 

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Good luck on the cheese!


Thanks for reminding me?  I have a few pounds in the fridge.  We are getting cool and rainy weather here right now.  I was supposed to be smoking cheese tonight, but we still have a couple of days for cool weather so no ice will be needed.


Show us some pics when you are done!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Man I love smoked cheese. Can't wait to see some pics

Have fun and Happy smoking
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Originally Posted by tyotrain View Post

Man I love smoked cheese. Can't wait to see some pics

Have fun and Happy smoking

X 2 on that !
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Alright here is the CView I think I captured enough to get you all to full drool.


Smoked Kosher Salt

Here is the Fresh Mozzarella and String Cheese, This was only in for an hour and a half.


All Packed up.

String cheeese

Here is the Provelone.


Packed up

Prov Vac

Here is the PepperJack as you can see the one on the right got a little Cajun no biggie.

Pepper Jack

The Mild Cheddar.

Mild Cheddar

All packed up

Mild Pepper Vac

Sharp Cheddar.

Sharp Cheddar

Packed up

Sharp Vac



Colby Jack


The two united as one

Double Colby/Jack Vac

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Now that stuff looks awesome to me.

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Now for the wait!


Let me know what you think about the sharp cheddar?


I have found that when smoked I can handle a medium cheddar, when for fresh I much prefer the sharpest cheddar I can afford.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Ah yes the wait, on the plus side I will be in IL all week next week so I wont be tempted to try it. I had some of the string cheese today and that was pretty good, well see about after a week.


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You know you don't have to wait on the fresh mozzarella - in fact it is best once it is cool on the day of the smoke. I always use it within a few days of smoking as it starts to go down hill a bit after that. 


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Scar Ill keep that in mind, thanks.

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Is that salt in the first pic?

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Question about the salt ???  I haven't heard of that before - What is smoked salt used for and what does smoking do to the salt ?

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Smoked salt can be used like regular salt - it just adds another level of flavor. The salt absorbs a light smokey flavor.  

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AK1 yes that is salt in the first pic. I had some free space so I decided to throw some Kosher Salt in the mix.

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The Pepper Jack is delicious, and mild cheddar is going into some Brat Casserole.

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