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First roast

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Not bad at all. Well worth it. I'll do this again.roast1.jpgroast2.jpgroast3.jpg

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Looks wonderful!  What wood did you use and what internal did you pull it at?  130°? 135°?

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I used Hickory wood. Foiled, toweled, and put in the cooler at 130 degrees and rested for an hour. Bottom round doesn't seem to be a popular cut but that's all they had. It's got me hooked on beef.  

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Looks great !
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Looks-Great.gif very nice job.

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Looks great...... Perfect excuse to go get that meat slicer..... Slice it up real thin for roast beef and chow down on some sammies.....................icon14.gif



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Looks good!...Did you make some Smokey Au Jus?pot.gif...JJ

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Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post

Looks good!...Did you make some Smokey Au Jus?pot.gif...JJ

I didn't do the Smokey Au Jus although I do have your recipe saved and do want to try it. I have never had any luck cooking beef roasts and had low expectations on this one. I just figured it would turn out dry and tough. So I didn't put much effort in to it. I'm going to try it again with a different cut of meat and the Au Jus. Maybe a tri-tip or eye of round. Tri-tip seems to be popular.

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Au jus or not, I sure wish that was my dinner plate tonight.  Nice job.  It looks beautiful.

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that does look very good and moist.  Well done

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Good looking roast from where I am sitting - congrats 

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The roast looks great!

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