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Originally Posted by snowsmoke View Post

would love to get some recipes I currently have none for trout. Have been winging it on my own. 

I'll put some stuff together for you. I finally upgraded all of my equipment in the past 2 months so I'm sorta starting over, in the way of perfection that is, because now I can truly control all elements so I've only done one batch of trout so far. It came out great, depending on what you prefer.


Tell me how you like your smoked fish texture, level of smokiness, spice & sweetness. I am working on everything from fish jerky to light smoky baked trout, stuffed and not stuffed.

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wow; thank you for the quick response. I like the texture to be firm in fish, I like it both sweet and spicy but prefer spicy. I can hardly wait to get my smoker done now and to go out and get some trout.  Did not think about smoking stuffed trout, think i am going to like this site. Thanks for your time it is appreciated.



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I'm a newbie too, just to the Forum, not to smoking.  Drop by often, you'll be glad you did. 


Good smokin'

The Lone Realtor

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