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The Good, Bad and the Ugly!!! - Rainy Day Smoking!

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Here are the victims:










THE RUB (sorry it is a secret!!!!)






The Heat:




Their Fate!!






Check back later for updates.  this is an all day smoke!!!!!



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It is a good start

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The meat looks good...Secret Rub!?!...There wouldn't be much to learn here if the Rest of Us had Secrets!...Only pics of Meat...th_dunno-1[1].gif...JJ

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hehe, I was waiting for someone to ask about the rub, I do have to give credit to where it is due.  It is a competition rub from Smoking Guns out of Kansas City, MO,


I tried it on some pork butt yesterday and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!



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anybody got a clue on how to slow down wood consumption?   I am going through wood like a duck goes through water!!!!!



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Ok an update


the Butt:




The Ribs!




The Heat!




And last but not least the 'TBS"!!!!




More to come, so please stay tuned!



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Looks good so far!

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it's coming along, haven't hit the barley soda yet, that is later this afternoon after I return from the store.  :)


Now decisions, what to make with the Ribs.  The pork is another night.





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The Results:


The Butt:




The Ribs!




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Nice bark, it all looks good, well done

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Ty to all who help me here. It was hard today cuz of rain and dropping temps. Next will be a couple of 12# angus briskets
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Outstanding bark!

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Hey Neighbor!  This was a crappy weekend, did a brisket in the garage with a fan blowing the smoke out.

Great looking meat!

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Hey Psycho, yeah it was a crappy weekend, the cold and the rain made it a PITA.  Where about's in Suffolk are you.  I am in Southern Chesapeake.  and also BTW I have Todd's toy!!!!!!  I did 6# of cheese almost 2 weeks ago.  gonna pop that stuff out this weekend.  I need a Vac-Sealer  got any good leads?  Also, Central Meats on Kempsville has the Smoking Guns Rub. OMG it is the BOMB!!!!!!!


I wouldn't have known about the Comp. Rub if it wasn't for Billy Rhodes with Hickory Heat, went and got it the same day I tried it when I was at the Flower Show at McDonalds up in Hampton.  That stuff is PERFECT.  But being from the midwest (172 Miles from KC Missouri)  I know BBQ.  Spare Ribs, not Baby Back.  and gotta have the Burnt Ends.  They had a nice 12# Brisket at Central for about $50, and it was Black Angus grade too!!!! try finding that at Harris Teeter!,  gonna get it tomorrow and then smoke away on Saturday.  Gonna do it with Mesquite.  Anyone got a source for Hickory logs and or Mesquite logs?


Happy SMoking there Psycho



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Nice job on the smoke. Looks-Great.gif

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