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Looks Awesome Rick......Hate I cant make it this weekend with ya'll... I'll look forward to see ya at the gathering................icon14.gif



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It looks great Rick as usual ,you are a busy Bee.

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Originally Posted by nepas View Post

Naaa not really.


But here is a tip


If your going to use a meat probe or check IT with a thermapen type, Stick in the top ends of the sausage, not the sides. Or just eliminate using a probe at all because it acts like a heat sink and gives false readings because the hot fat stays at the tip of the probe. (probe tip does the reading anyways)


Well thats how i do it anyways


Your results may vary.

Dont try this at home

Ask parents permission

And wait theres more

Just pay xtra processing and handling

Oh I'm sorry we burned your whats it called

Call right now, we have a very limited amount


Order now and we will double the offer

Sign and drive

Ask your doctor before taking anything that may kill you


No harm to sausage or probes was done in the typing of this post   icon_eek.gif



I'm out of xanax

Thanks for the tips and .......

roflmao.gifroflmao.gif roflmao.gif roflmao.gif roflmao.gif

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What do you use to check IT?

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Originally Posted by Riverratt View Post

What do you use to check IT?

A Taylor 9306 and Thermoworks RT600-N


I dont temp prob my sausage while smoking.



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