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Hot and Sweet Sunday.

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The wife asked me if I could make some Hot Italian sausage for her. She needed a half pound for a recipe she was making.



I decided to package some ground poke for future use.

Fresh Parsley
Fresh Garlic
Ground Pepper
Red pepper flakes
Fennel seed
Cold Red wine
5 lbs of ground pork
29-32mm hog casings


Packed in


Decided to make another batch of Sweet using the pre mixed TSM seasonings.

Wrapped up to be enjoyed another day.

Thanks for looking!
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Great looking sausages, cool color difference too.

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Thanks Dan. I did the sweet once before and made a post about it, so I didn't go nuts with the pics.

However, I was told on here to freeze the sausage for @1/2 hour before vac sealing so they keep their shape. And that's what I did. A really great tip!


Here is the recipe for the Hot Sausage:

Recipe for 5 pounds


5-lbs pork butt

1-cup cold red wine

1-cup fresh chopped parsley

5-tsp kosher salt

1-tbsp granulated garlic(fresh minced would be better)

1-tbsp fresh cracked black pepper(coarse)

3-tsp cayenne

1-tbsp whole fennel seed

2-tsp crushed chili peppers

4-tbsp paprika

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looks great!   Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

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BEAUTIFUL!  Nothing wrong with ANY of that.  Thanks for the great Q-view.

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Looks good drool.gif
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Looks good! Thanks for the recipe and reminder tip to freeze a bit before vacuum sealing.

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