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converting a luus duck cooker into a smoker

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we have loaned a a commercial  Luus duck cooker running on gas and want to convert it into a food smoker- any ideas please ?

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Thank you for your question!  

Would you please stop into Roll Call so we can introduce ourselves, and enter your location into your profile so we know your climate better? 

And, if you could post some Qview of your unit it would also help.  You are loaning it out or someone has loaned it to you?

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Here is a picture for the SMF Crew (download the PDF Brochure for the interior and Burner pic)...First off, you are going to need to be able to control the temperature down to between 90 to 150*C with 107*C being the most common Hot Smoking Temperature. You will next need to put a Cast Iron Pan or Box about 4-6cm above the Burner to hold the Smoking Wood Chunks, 6X6cm pieces will work well. A Foil Tent or drip pan will be needed above the Wood to keep it from getting greasy or wet.... Beyond that it should function perfectly as a Smoker...JJ


Duck Ovens


>> Download Duck Oven PDF Brochure

>> Download CAD Drawing (.dwg format)

DRO-810 Duck Oven

The Luus Duck Oven is heavy duty, easy to use, and suitable for roasting duck, pork, and other meats. With an 85mj/hr burner and generous internal chamber, this unit allows chefs to roast up to 12 ducks at one time, maximising efficiency and making it a must for larger asian-style restaurants.

Standard Features:

• Powerful 85mj/hr burner with Flame Failure and Pilot as standard
• Over temperature safety cut-off
• 12 duck roasting capacity
• Hanging rail allows excess fat to drip to drainage area
• Oil release and overflow valves
• 3 piece design for easy installation, cleaning and maintenance
• Easy lift-off lid for access to hang rail
• Temperature gauge
• Stainless steel exterior
• Heavy duty construction

Duck Oven Specs


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