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Horizontal offset converted to propane

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Hi everyone. Recently I bought a Hondo horizontal offset and decided to convert it to propane. I've researched these conversions quite a bit and have completed many of the mods (pics to follow). Did a test run Friday and all looked well so Sunday I put it to the test with 21+ pounds of Boston butt. The test did not do well. Sunday was VERY windy and had my temps all over the place, flame even blew out several times which worries me if I wasn't sitting guard all day. With the little info that I've found about these conversions, they suggest keeping the fire box flue open and adjusting heat by the chimney. What would happen if I closed off the fire box completely? Will it starve for oxygen? The air shutter on the back of the burner is wide open and exposed to fresh air from outside. I made a makeshift windbreak but it didn't help much. Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated.

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Post pics of your setup and someone will chime in with some suggestions. 

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I don't have a lot of experience with Gassers but seems to me you adjust the Temp with the Gas...Exhaust should be open all the time to keep the heat convecting from the source to exhaust to maintain even temps and fresh Smoke...JJ

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