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took a big bite

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This Sun. my family is having a get-together, i said i would bring pulled pork ????  about 40 people ( 8 kids with family) were having fun now.


I plan on smoking sat and keeping any Ideas how ?? need to reheat sun. ?? please help qview to come.





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What I would do is smoke them, rest them, then pull them on Saturday. Put it all in a big disposable aluminum roasting pan, foil the top tight and into the fridge. Then I would make up some of this  then Sunday I would pull the foil off the top carefully and apply the finishing sauce put the tun foil back on and stick in in the oven at about 250-300 degrees  and warm it back up.

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How much you figuring on making? 1- 6oz Sammie per person is 15lb Finished Pulled Pork...Divided by a 60% Yield = 25lbs Raw Butt...should be purchased...


15lb is a lot of meat to heat in 1 pan...I would split it up...JJ

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That's the way I do put some liquid in the pan and heat at 250 in the oven

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Still waiting on the rsvps, I have 7 brothers and sisters with  spouses  so with us thats 16 adults. maybe 20 and kids 40 mayhave been a reach.


Pineywoods that sound good the finishing sauce, that red peper is not to hot??  I will give it a try .

Thanks for the input.





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no the red pepper flakes are not hot. If you want it spicer then add more pepper.

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2 butts 006.jpgWell the RSVP count was a little lower than expected 14 adults and kids so maybe 25-28 total.


4am up and fixing two 7.2lb butts. Mustard rub with grill mate,  My wife and I are thinking onion buns ? BBQ sauce and horseradish sauce.


I am going to make the seving sauce also that pinewoods talks about. also hicory wood smoke . I few Qveiw for ya.4802 butts 002.jpg2 butts 004.jpg2 butts 005.jpg


I see I missed the sides on that rub in the pic.

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IMG_1358.JPGOk we are ready for today . Butts came out great , 20hrs and 15 min. what a stall at 175. all is good we are ready! IMG_1356.JPGIMG_1357.JPG

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Those are some nice looking butts.  I like your smoker, too. Looks-Great.gif

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Awesome looking butts, soslow!  Mmmm! drool.gif

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Well the pulled pork was a hit ! they ate down, all that were left was scraps. Every one was full and fed. perfect.


I did use the sauce pinnywoods mentioned. All and all great day with family. I heated the pan on a small BBQ grill that worked great.





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