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First Brisket on! (Its done. Pictures add.)

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Well I got my first brisket on this morning at 8. Hoping this works out. I'm going to keep y'all up to date with pictures included. So here we go.

Brisket before it went on.

Smoker right after loading meat.
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Well, i think i will hang out and see how good this turn out drool.gif
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Good lookin start Shane, keep us posted! Don't forget to "Come Back Shane"

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Looks like a great start!

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beercheer.gif Im in for the ride...  smoke on brother!

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So I'm getting a little concerned. I'm 1hr 20min in and my internal temp is already at 156. Should it be going this fast? It's about a 7 pound brisket, temp set at 225.
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So far so good. I can't answer your question because I haven't smoked a brisket yet. Someone should come along and help you out though

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Well it's going on 3 hours now. The internal temp has been holding at 160 for a while mow. Should be right on target then. Once it hits 170 I'll pull it out and wrap it in foil to finish it off. Once I do that, I don't have to add wood chips anymore correct?
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Correct,once it's wrapped in foil the smoke can't reach the meat, so you would be wasting wood. Your right on target time wise,my briskets usually take about 4-5 hours tops.Once its wrapped in foil the IT will rise quickly.

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Sounds like everything is going smoothly!

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So it reached the 165 internal temp. in 5hr 25min. Pulled it out and wraped it in foil. Now just going to wait till it hits 205. Looked good when I pulled it out. Didn't get a picture because I was trying to hurry. I'll take some before I cut it up and after I cut it up.
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It's done. 205 internal temp. Now it's wrapped up in a couple towels and in an ice chest. Going to sit for 2 hours till we are ready to eat. Pictures to come when I unwrap it.
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It sounds like a success Shane! Looking forward to the final pics!

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Sounds great. Can't wait to see the final pics.

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Tasted great but will be making my own rub next time. It had good smoke flavor and was nice a tender. Pretty moist but could of been a little better. The only thing I didn't like was the rub. It was spicy and just a little over powering. Here are the final pictures of the brisket.

Here it is right after I unwrapped it.

Cut into.
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Looks good... maybe cut back in the amount of rub next time ?
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It looks very good, nice & juicy! For brisket we keep the rub simple. Coat with EVOO or Thick Worcestershire Sauce, then dust with Montreal Steak Seasoning.

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