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You know chris 10.5 and there was sonny at his bbq last year?


Well chris is going to meet sonny in Nashville and they are driving here to the GA bbq in June. You should come down with em.

Hmmm. Now there's a thought. Would be great to see all ya'll again. (Just practicin' my Southern lingo in case I need it. LOL)


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Just saw this and was about to hit the panic button.  It's because of you and others that I'm about to throw into the sausage making world.  My dad use to make it all the time and I wish I had learned from him, so when I got into the forum last month and saw all you guys on and your vast knowledge I felt like it was time to move forward and try it.  Thanks for what all you and everyone else does on this forum.  It really helps us noobs out when we want to try something new.

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Hi Rick you are a good man and you always share you Knowledge thanks  .i am proud to be your friend .

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