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First time smoking in a real smoker.

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I've used my Weber kettle a few times to smoke meat and it did a fine job but Saturday was the first time using my new WSM.


I'm using the Low & Slow book.  For the first lesson he has you smoke 2 chickens without using any thermometers.


I got 2-thumbs up from both my wife and daughter on the results and they'd definitely let me know if they found anything they didn't like.  Even the chicken breasts were moist and tender.


Kudos to the author, Gary Wiviott.

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Daniel congrats the first smoke in the WSM, however I would definately use a thermometer to check the meat.

It sounds like the chickens turned out good and the bosses approved.icon14.gif

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It is a lot easier to get consistent results if you use a thermometer, and safer too. It sounds like this one worked out well for you, congrats on a successful smoke!

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well done thumb1.gif

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The author says to wait on the thermometer until later and then gives what appear to be fool proof instructions for smoking chickens without a thermometer.  He basically wants you to get the feel of the smoker first.  He's a minimalist when it comes to smoking.


I have my Maverick ET-732 waiting for the right time.  Until then about as fancy as he lets you get is using a pair of tongs and a chimney starter. biggrin.gif

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How do you know when the chicken is done?

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Personally if you have the thermometer I would definitely be using it. Why not? Like others mentioned it makes it must easier to duplicate smokes when you know the internal temp of the smoker and the meat. It's always good to make sure you know what the internal temp of the meat is so you know you aren't going to get anyone sick. But that's just me. Congrats on the success.

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I really rely on my thermometers. I couldn't imagine cooking without them. Especially chicken.

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I never smoke without a thermo.....NEVER...good luck...

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We smoked and baked chix for years with no therms.


I have eaten more dried out turkeys than most people on this site.


Use the therm!  Both for safety and to keep from eating dried out meat.  biggrin.gif


Good luck and good smoking.

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I'm with the others on the thermometer usage. I am like venture I never us to use a thermometer on my chicks and turkeys. It was a crap shoot on whether the bird would be dry or moist. That was b4 SMF.  I used the old shake hands method. Now I will not smoke anything with out a thermometer, I get much better results and extremely consistent. 

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Yup IT Thermometer is the way to go why chance getting sick.


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Hey, I'm not anti-thermometer.  Like I said, I have the Maverick.  I'm just following the lessons of the author and it worked great. yahoo.gif


To see if the chicken is done you just poke it with a fork in a couple of strategic locations and look for clear juice running out.  The chickens came out done and tender.


The way he has you build the fire give you a predictable temperature and leave the lid on for 1 1/2 hours before checking to see if it's done.  It works so I can't argue with his technique.


Later he has you use a thermometer.  Like I said above, he wants you to get the feel of the smoker. He doesn't want you to become a cooking engineer.


I've been grilling chickens for 45 years and never used a thermometer and never gotten sick.  It's simple.

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clear juice-clear to eatbiggrin.gif that was my moms way of cooking birds


I aways check mine with a quick poke with a therm.  just to be safe.beercheer.gif

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I normally do more than just poke it with a fork.  I usually pull the thigh away from the torso to check the joint for any traces of blood.


Like I said, I've never used a thermometer to cook chicken but I've also eaten some pretty dry breast meat.  I will begin using my Maverick soon and I'm also thinking about getting a Thermapen.

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