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Pastrami Saturday

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I've got some Pastrami in the smoker today, made from Al's "from scratch" recipe.


Started out with an10lb. brisket, trimmed and brined, today is smoke day!








The flat on this brisket was really nice, that is why I bought it. The point was terrible, it was almost solid fat, I trimmed most of it for basting fat. Oh well, the flat on this one is going to be great, I just don't like paying for a bunch of fat, I did brine some of the point, I did not include it in these pictures.














The wifey is making a rye bread, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing run today!

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Really looks great!  Waiting on the rest of the Qview.   Homemade Thousand Island dressing huh,  bet that's some good stuff!

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Oh yea! I can see this is going to be good! drool.gif

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Well dag nab it!


My MES died about 10hrs in to my Pastrami Festival Saturday Night!  eek.gif


No worries though, I got enough smoke on him and he is finishing off in the oven.


Time to get the drill out and see whats going on back there, many posts about dead MESs out there LOL!  The thermo clicks but no heat to the element. police2.gif


Might be an excuse to make a custom build PID model, hehe...  biggrin.gif


Here is a little nibble piece I took off the point, tastes great!





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Almost nothing will PO me off more than a dang tool that doesn't work.


Having said that my first "pastrami" was a trip.


Old lady had a corned beef in the slow cooker when the power went out.


Checked the internal temp and fired up the smoker.  Dumped on some pastrami rub and finished it off.


I have been making pastrami on purpose ever since!


Good recovery on your part!  biggrin.gif


Good luck and good smoking.

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Great recovery! Your pastrami looks awesome! I think the point makes the best pastrami with the extra fat in it.


How about sharing the homemade dressing recipe with us! 

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It is a good looking  pastrami you got there ,good knife work points.gif

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The pastrami really came out nice.  I love the really dark crust yours had. Job well done.


Als recipe is a good one and I would like to that him again for sharing it with everyone. I need to make some more soon myself as I only have 2 lbs left in the freezer.

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Thanks for the comments!


I pulled the rest out of the oven at an IT of 205F, let it rest and refrigerated over night.


Today I cut it up using my manual food slicer biggrin.gif ... the Pastrami came out really nice!










After slicing I proceeded to make my first homemade pastrami sandwich!


I toasted rye bread, added some thousand island dressing, then added some Swiss cheese.


Added the pastrami and another layer of thousand island dressing, I then added sauerkraut, put it all together and microwaved to melt the cheese.


I have got to say, and I quote: "THIS IS THE BEST RUBEN PASTRAMI SANDWICH I HAVE EVER EATEN!!" Possibly the best known to man!


I cannot believe how good this is! Definitely beyond my expectations. I will be making this again!


Thanks so much Al and others for everything, this site rocks!


PS - Took the back off the MES today, one of the element wires was melted off. I had some spare connectors so I got it all fixed up, and cleaned up for another Pastrami fest!


Sandwich time!









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That is some really tasty looking pastrami - awesome job 

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Ok that really looks GOOD!!!!!!!!  drool.gif

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Looks awesome!

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Your Pastrami looks great...

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drool.gif wow what an awesome q-view, it looks like the end results weren't hindered at all by the minor hiccup!

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Oh man I really want a Reuben sandwich now!

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Now that's what a Reuben should look like!!!

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