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Chuckie X2

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Hey guys, if you remember, last week i smoked a Chuckie and some meatballs but i ran out of charcoal and meat was ruined.


Well this time i made sure I bought enough fuel and meat.  Doing two chuckies while the  snow is falling outside.


smoked at 230 with lots of apple wood.  foiled at 160 with beer and apple juice and pulled at 190 for slicing.


They are resting right now in two towels but these are some pics from earlier.


chuckie wrapper.jpg



raw chuckie.jpg



rubbed chuckie.jpg



smoker in snow.jpg


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Looking good... can't wait to see it all don't don't for get that money shot... Have fun and Happy smoking

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Looks-Great.gifso far

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This is the finished product.  Unfortunately the pictures were better than the actual food.  It had good flavor and bark but was very very dry.  I added the juiced to it at the end but it wasn't that good.  I guess ill try again and change some stuff.  Next time ill try an injection maybe.


out of rest.jpg


cut up.jpg


juice on it.jpg



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Too bad it was dry, it looks very good.

Great smoke ring and bark drool.gificon14.gif

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the way i smoke  my chuckie is as follows..



I smoke at 250F till i get a internal temp of around 165F than i put the chuck in a foil pan with some beef stock and cover it... Put back on the smoker till i hit a internal temp of around 195F than it comes off and rest for a good 30 min's... They turn out nice and juicy ... If you want to slice it pull it at around 190F and let rest than slice...



                             Have fun and Happy smoking

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What temp did you cook it at and too - those are key to success

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Rubbed night before with yellow mustard and store bought pork rub. Smoked at 230-250 till 160 foiled with apple juice and beer. Pulled at 190 and rest for 2 hours. Put beef broth in water pan but only 1 can and it evaporated quickly. Maybe that was the problem. 

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It sure looks good! Nice smoke ring!

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This is a nice smoke ring well done .

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To bad it was dry, it looks great. icon14.gif

I like the little hands on the table in the first shot, it's like lets eat dad! biggrin.gif

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