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enough fat ratio

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if i get a chuck roast to grind into sticks is there normally enough fat on the roast that i don't need to add any more ?

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Well it all depends on the hunk of meat that you get look for a good amount of fat when you by it. Now I have always used a sirloin tip roast and added more fat to it.

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Not with the meat they sell around here, they trim them down to almost nothing.

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Some fat ratio's for ya IK


Although any cut of beef may be used, chuck steak is one of the most popular choices (because of its richness of flavor and balance of meat and fat). Round steak is also frequently used.

Ground beef is usually subdivided based on the cut and fat percentage:[7]

  • Chuck: 78-84% lean
  • Round: 85-89% lean
  • Sirloin: 90-95% lean


hope this helps



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