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I'm a briner myself... on chicken and pork... And a friendly reminder....

"DO NOT" POUR THE USED BRINE DOWN YOUR KITCHEN SINK It will rust the strainer out and you will have to replace it... BEEN THERE, DONE THAT
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I hadnt brined until I did a few cornish game hens a little while back for me and the wife. They were excellent. That being said I brine if I have the time but I have smoked plenty of birds just fine and still had them be moist without brining.

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Is there such a thing as over brine? I've read where some brine 6-8hrs others brine 24hrs... etc

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I have read that chicken in a brine for to long will become mushy. I just did a whole chicken a few days ago that was in the Slaughter House Poultry Brine for 14 hours and had no problem with it.

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