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How about sharing your favorite sauce? I like to try any homemade sauce. Don't really care for the bottled stuff.

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Can't say a lot about my "favorite" sauce. 


Actually, I like most things without a sauce.


A sauce I have made (stolen) that many people seem to like can be found in post #8 here:




I often use chili pepper flakes, and as noted in the post, care is needed in this step.  Many people have less tolerance for heat than I do?


Good luck and good smoking.

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For store bought I use Sweet Baby Ray's only, tried most of the others and for me it is the winner hands down.
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I make my own....but if someone wants a vinegar based one...not a sweet one...I use Wicker's. (sort of like the red thin sauce from BBQ places.)

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Sa-mokin, Head Country Hot BBQ, Homemade "guess I'll try it this way this time" saucepot.gif

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For all of you sauce makers, how do you preserve your sauce? Or don't you? Most homemade sauce has a short shelf life. Does anyone can their sauce? Just curious.

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I plan on canning some of mine this year for gifts.  Which reminds me...need to put that on the "to do" list!!! 

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I typically prefer a rub or glaze, rather then a side sauce. I went to Anna Maria Island in Florida to a restaurant called "Mr. Bones" that was all about BBQ. They refused to give condiments because they said the food was good just as it was served, and although they may have meant it in a silly way, it was completely true! That's when I really started focusing on marinating my meats, and using glazes. It typically appeals to my pallet more.


I've mentioned Wagyu beef more than once in my posts as I have become really enthralled with it. Used this glaze from the website I've been buying from and had a great experience with it. Hope this helps!


Happy New Year!

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Can't get it any more but Columbia Gold is my favorite. It is very sweet!

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Hoosier Daddy Ghost Roast. If u like it sweet and hot there's no other like it obey your taste buds. buhupa8a.jpg

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Originally Posted by thoseguys26 View Post

For all of you sauce makers, how do you preserve your sauce? Or don't you? Most homemade sauce has a short shelf life. Does anyone can their sauce? Just curious.


Keep it refridgerated, it usually does'nt last long enough to spoil. Just for the record I have had some of my sauce keep for about 6 months in my fridge.

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I can't buy sauce here (Africa) in the stores, so I make my own.  It's better than anything for sale anyway.



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K.C. Masterpiece  Original 


Modified: April 08, 2013:

Since having posted the above I have sampled several homemade Q sauces I have found recipes for here and elsewhere, any ONE could be a favorite depending on what I plan on using it for.

All I can recommend now and find a recipe that sounds good to you and modify it to your liking. It's fun and it's better than buying it off the shelves.  

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I made Myron's basic hickory sauce recipe and tweaked it just a little and now I can't buy any other BBQ sauce. But other than that, my favorite is probably any of the famous Dave's or sticky fingers Memphis original...
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will try sauce thanks

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Must be more than one of this type thread.


PGSmoker's BDSE sauce is by far my favorite...o'course.




And I'm not ashamed to promote it   xrocker.gif


Bill - aka PGSmoker.

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I love Famous Dave's Devil Spit sauce. I have made a great mustard bbq a few times that is fantastic with pulled pork.
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I am real picky about sauce, but this looks good, I would like to buy a gallon how do I go about it? and maybe get that sauce going here in Cali

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I like mine with a kick - so I make my own - my favorite is  Raspberry Chipotle - as a general sauce.



  • 18 oz basic BBQ Sauce (can use any basic recipe or buy a plain BBQ sauce from the store)

  • 16 oz Knotts seedless Raspberry preserves

  • 8 oz white vinegar

  • 6 canned Chipotles en adobo – chopped fine

  • 3 Tablespoons crushed garlic

  • ½ stick sweet butter



  1. Mix all ingredients over low-medium heat and simmer for at least 30 minutes, stirring regularly. (longer is OK as long as you stir often to avoid clumps sticking to the bottom and burning)

  2. If you like it “chunky” – you are done.  Otherwise, pour it into a blender and puree the sauce to fully blend in all the garlic and Chipotles.



  1. Add a second jar of Raspberry preserves to give it a little more sweet taste and more raspberry flavor.

  2. Add fewer Chipotles to reduce the spice – 6 gives you a good strong kick!

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