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Well, just probed the birdies and surprisingly, they are doing very well!  The hens are 161° in the breasts, will pull them shortly.  The Tom is already at 155° in the breast and 150° in the thigh... won't be long, maybe a couple hours!  I think what is helping the temps is that I pumped the breasts and the thighs vigorously in the Tom with at least a couple 4 oz shots, adding moisture, and moisture moves temps more rapidly.  Getting some nice color too, about done adding wood.








Last Load of chunks!

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And, just finished my graduation poster for tomorrow; we have to make a poster showing where we came from to what we've learned in the class.  My biggest area was watching the Stroke movie by Dr. Senelick and starting YAWYE, You Are What You Eat and controlling your risk factors by eating the right things, not the wrong things.  The black area is me before realizing YAWYE, and the yellow is me after, four strokes later!  "Mr. Crumples" was a project I had to do, wadding up 100 sheets of paper with my affected hand, then making a snowman out of it, lol!




It took me all day as I could only write a line then had to rest, then another one, etc. as my fingers fatigue very fast, but I wanted to make sure I did my very best at printing ("normal" now is a jiggly scribble).  Hope you like it! 

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Pops... You are totally an inspiration to all of us... Congrats on your graduation.... I am sending you a pre-paid box so you can send me some of that Turkey... biggrin.gif Those people are gonna have the BEST turkey they ever tasted
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Well, the graduation was a big success and, except for a couple of me, I can't share any of the pics, I apologize, hospital rules and HIPAA laws and regulations prohibit it, which I did not know until yesterday.  


But, I carved the turkey, first removing and throwing out all the skin which was a beautiful deep smoke amber, a little darker than the one above in the smokehouse; (it finished reaching temp at about 5 pm at165°) by removing the leg an thighs first, popping them out of their hip sockets from the back bone.  Then, removed the wings at their shoulder sockets.  Then, flipping the bird over, broke off the hip section of the backbone and then cut the backbone from the breast.  Normally I would then break the keel (breast) bone, loosening from the sides and pulling it out, but being such a big turkey the cartilage was hardened so much, I just placed my 12" cimeter in the center of the keel bone and took a hammer and hit it several times into the keel bone, cleanly parting it in half (I used to be able to do that just by burying my cimeter into it like a hatchet and then pushing down with it, but have less than 25% strength in my good hand from the strokes, so... use tools, lol!).  Then, just pull the half keel bones out and remove the half breast cages; voila, boneless and skinless half turkey breasts that I could place on my slicer (took it with me) and slice the breasts for sandwiches.  Cut the drums from the thighs and took the thigh bones out to serve the dark meat in chunks or hand sliced for sandwiches.  Of course, the two drums got snatched up immediately!  Broke the tips off the wings and cut the wingettes from the drumettes and they got snatched up quick too!  Whole turkey done in about 30 minutes.

Also served all the cold smoked vegetables with dips; they were a hit, and the portabella mushrooms was the big winner of all of them!  The head therapists took home the smoked corn and fingerling potatoes to steam and enjoy for their dinners later, and took all the carcass remains and misc. pieces to make smoky turkey soup with.  Waste not, want not!  Others also brought vegetables and snack trays and everyone have a great lunch!  There was about 30 or more.

Shortly after I left with my wife (who came to it!) and we went to Thumbtechs Corp. to have me sign up as a volunteer and get started there; I'll be there about 8 hours a week doing miscellaneous things for them to help out as I can tolerate, no demands, just help where I can.


me wturkey.JPG


Just before the carving began..




Me Ringing The Bell for Graduation - a tradition there when someone is going home or being released from care, in my case graduating from the ABI class! ( turkey juices on my shirt from carving, didn't think to bring a meat apron, sorry!)




And, a picture of my gorgeous wife at her desk at Thumbtechs Corp!


Thank you all for looking on with me!

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congratulation_graphics_2.gifyou did it,keep up the good and prayers your way from


The Kings      aka      oldschool

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Pops...Congratulations on another step Forward to a Complete recovery. The Turkey looks fantastic and i bet you awed them with the results. Being surrounded by a strong support team...makes the road to recovery a little easier to travel. The warm loving smile in your wife's photo sure makes me realize your in great hands there. Keep up the strong fight Pops...were here to Support You Also!!!!thumb1.gif

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They all liked it a lot!  They'd never had a real cured and smoked turkey... the breasts were juicy and full of flavor and the thighs were the color of ham and just dripping with juicy goodness!  I used the lo-salt cure also, 1/3 the salt!

Originally Posted by JckDanls 07 View Post

Pops... You are totally an inspiration to all of us... Congrats on your graduation.... I am sending you a pre-paid box so you can send me some of that Turkey... biggrin.gif Those people are gonna have the BEST turkey they ever tasted


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Pops, you are really one of the "good guys" dealing with others, and dispensing advice and knowledge while still overcoming your own challenges!  Thanks for all you do at home, and on SMF!  Keep up the good work!

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Oh Pops Congratulations and I am so very proud of you, your accomplishments and your tenacity! You are truly an inspiration to us all. Keep doing what you are and that road to recovery is getting shorter every day. What a wonderful spread you laid out for your graduation and I'll bet it was an absolute hit! Congrats once again! 


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congratulation_graphics_2.gif WTG POPS

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You are my inspiration Pops


Tell your lovely wife Raptor said hello, and keep up the good work.


We love you both


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Terrific spread Pops! We're so very proud of you. I'll bet that turkey and chicken was absolutely out of this world FANTASTIC! Your inspiring disposition and willingness to share your knowledge has made us all better. I for one use your pickle and smoke technique exclusively. I frustratingly fumbled around for a long time looking for that "flavor profile" in my poultry that I remembered as a kid, longed for, and just couldn't get. That is, until I ran onto your technique and advice. First try, BINGO, THATS IT! I've never looked back since! Every time I do smoked turkeys and chickens now, I get the same reaction from my guests. "WOW, mmmmm, that's really good!"  So, it's thanks to you and all your help, Pops. Just wanted you to know. Similar stories could be told over and over around this site. 77.gif  thumb1.gif


Thank you very much,


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very cool pops and congrats!

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smokehouse closed.jpeg

smokehouse open.jpeg


Needed to get full length views of the smokehouse in this thread a/c request!

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