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Smoked rainbow trout

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Threw together a brine sun night . Brined 9 trout 15 hrs . removed from the brine patted them dry and into the fridge over night (almost 24 hrs)

 Got the mes up to 200, filled  the amns up w/ maple dust. Lit both ends and into the smoker . seasoned the trout w/ some salt free rub and into the MES.

4 hrs later some of the best fish i have ever stuffed into my pie hole!!!

 these trout were just headed and gutted. next time i think i will try filets w/ skin on.

 Think i will go out and try to catch a few more tomorrow.

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It sure sounds pretty good there Bob but you should know what we want. I want a taste of them fishies. Then a picture could do alot to.

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Sounds good how ever worthless.gif

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I love trout, but never had them smoked.

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I LOVE fresh trout!!

We used to cut the heads off, gut them, wrap them up in foil with garlic butter, and stick them on the fire for a few minutes

When they were done, you can pull the bones right out


Where's your pics?!?!





No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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No camera = no pics.


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