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Question about MES 30

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I am new to the BBQ smoking world.  I got the MES 30 for xmas.  I live in Michigan where the winters are cold and wet.  Can I use/store my MES outside?

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Yes you can store it out side. Just remove the control box and store it inside and cover the unit, lift it off the ground so it is not sitting in snow or mud.

For smoking outside during the winter , if you can handle it the unit can too! (says the guy from south Louisiana) LOL.

 since it is an electrical appliance ,i would not use it in the rain or falling snow w/o being under some sort of porch , tarp , overhang ,  etc.

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And when it gets cold, the smoker will not start..... You will have to use a hair dryer, or like I do... warm the inside of the smoker with an electric heater.... don't ask why... no one knows... I think they have a low temp cutout on the circuit... Not a big deal, just a pain...




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I think They fixed that problem on newer models Dave, I leave mine outside and use it all winter long but I keep it on a covered porch so the weather isn't a problem, you definately do not want the controller getting wet

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When it is cold out I put a bowl of hot water in it for 10 minutes and it cranks right up.



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