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Sirloin Tip Roast (Q-View)

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Santa Brought Me a new Char Griller Duo 5050 for Xmas.  I got it put together last night and started to season it this morning.  After the seasoning i let her cool down a little and got the roast out of the fridge to let it warm up a little.  I don't have a SFB yet for the grill so i made a little smoker box out of some aluminum foil! I was running short on time so i got the grill holding steady at about 300 degrees and added apple chunks to to begin smoking.  I turned on the gas side of the grill and put a lite sear on both sides of the roast and then put it in a pan to be put in with the smoke over indirect heat.  (I rubbed the roast last night in Montreal Steak Rub and wrapped it with some worchestersire sauce)  The roast was in the grill for about 2h45m. Pulled it out and let it take a nap for about 30mins and then sliced!  The wife was very happy with the end results and so was I!Sirloin Roast.jpg

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Looks GREAT!!!

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Looks delicious!

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It look great from the picture. we would like some more the next time thou.

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looks great!
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looks great i agree MORE PICS PLEASE thanks 

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Looks-Great.gif too me

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