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very nice !

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Definately looks Yummy !!!!drool.gif

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Here are the Q-view of the first bunch of butts being pulled.  The blue bowl down in the bottom of the second pic contains the juices I poured out of the wrapping.  I saved it off, put in fridge and a few hours later scrapped off the fat layer and had some fine pork juice reserve jello.


004.JPG   002.JPG


Here are the last two butts getting ready to be smoked.



These two were almost 9lbs each.  I put them on the smoke around 6pm and removed them at 165deg at about 4am.  I have them wrapped sitting in a 250 deg oven to finish. 


I did have some issues early on in the night as temps dropped into the low 50's high 40's.  I rushed out to the local home depot before they closed and picked up a fresh propane tank and a water heater wrap just in case I had issues holding temps.  Luckily I did not have to use it.  I was able to maintain around 235 all night.


Now I better have plenty of PP now!

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Nice job! I'm sure your work will be greatly appreciated!

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Mm! Mm! Mm!  That looks mighty tastey! drool.gif

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Thanks to this forum and the folks here my pulled pork for my sons party was a huge success. sausage.gif I have about 10lbs or so left over which is a plus.

Next up on the smoke list are those pork shots I've seen on here.
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Take 2 1/2 pound of the leftover and try this...  This was the first time I made this particular recipe and it was great!  You could also use some pulled pork in ABT's. Pork shots are a winner also.

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