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More snack stix with a question

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So my buddy ground and seasoned the meat on Monday. It is my task to stuff and smoke the stix. I will not be able to stuff and smoke them until Sunday, is that too long to let the meat sit covered in the fridge?

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I would think freezing it would be a better Idea to be safe


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First question is did he add any cure to it. If he did then I think you should be alright. If he didn't I'm going with casino and say freeze a thaw.

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Yes it has had the correct amount of cure added to it. I guess I could freeze it for a couple of days.


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Don't need to freeze it if it has cure in it.

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If the meat was store bought I would check the expiration date of the meat if the pkg hasnt been thrown away......... I cant say if the meat will be ok or not. If it expired on tues. were talking 6 days here on ground meat even with the cure..... if you are going to refrigerate it make sure its below 40 degrees and store it tightly where no O2 can get to it....... I personally would freeze it just to be on the safe side but I'm not sure what affect it will have with the cure in the meat.......... just something to think about.......



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