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What to do with this ham

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Every year my employer provides us with the fixins for a holiday feast. (1 ham, 1dozen eggs, 1 gallon milk, 1 bag of egg noodles, 1 lb of salted butter, 4 cans of corn, 4 cans of green beans, 2 dozen rolls, 5lbs of potatos, & 1 box of brownie mix)

Any ideas on how i could utilize the smoker for the ham??

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Feels like a Chopped competition


The Ham is fully cooked so all you really need to do is warm it.  Place on the smoker for a couple of hours at most, let it pick up some delicious natural wood smoke flavor.   They really come out delicious.

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pop it in the smoker and smoke it some more. I have done that with GREAT results. I ran the smoker around 225 with tbs till the ham's IT got to around 145. If my failing memory serves me correctly Jeff had this very same thing in last months news letter. It may still be up on the home page.

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2 time smoked Ham is great !

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As far as the ham I can't say as I have never done one. Like those before me have stated.....toss in the smoker and smoke it some more, you could make a glaze for it too. Nice boss though...not only does he give you the ham, he throws in the sides and dessert too! 

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Do it all the time. They are delicious. I smoke them to 145 with a maple glaze on them.

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the guys are right 2 time smoke

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We are all smokers we like verything smoked around here. SMOKE IT and you to will be riding on the smoke it boat. Believe us we all can't be wrong this many times.

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Smoked ham is not good! Send all hams to me and i will dispose of them for you.icon_mrgreen.gif

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