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Got a free mini Weber kettle

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My wife was out walking this morning & one of our neighbors was throwing away a little Weber kettle. So I went down & brought it home. It needed a little work. I reinforced the legs with a 9" pie pan, put new bolts & nuts on the legs, drilled a hole & put a therm in the lid, and put a bolt on the bottom vent so you could adjust it easier. I fired it up with about 12-14 briquettes & a chunk of hickory. It took about 5 minutes to get up to 400. I put a couple of veggie burgers on & a bunch of onions. It held 350-400 for the whole time. I am letting it burn out so it will get seasoned with our wood & charcoal instead of someone else's. Here's a couple of pics of it.


mini weber 1.JPG



mini weber 2.JPG



Check out the TBS!



mini weber 3.JPG

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That just cracks me up that you drink Steel Reserve...I Love that Stuff!...Great little kettle...JJ

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HAHAHA, I was thinking the same thing Chef JJ. ROTF.gif




Those Weber Smokey Joe's are always good to have around.

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Those are great little grills, especially if you're cooking for only a few.  They heat up fast, don't use much fuel and they're good quality.  Good find!


We don't have Steel Reserve out here on the left coast so I can't comment on it like the previous posters.  th_dunno-1[1].gif



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When you other neighbor throws one away you can mail it to me.  Never see these on the curb in Texas.  a lot of people here refuse to cook on them.

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Great find.icon14.gif

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Nice work Al.  It's just like that old saying " Find a weber pick it up, and all day you'll have good luck"...wait I think thats how it goes.

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