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Cornish game hens

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Well I had planned a bigger feast, but a family member had a dental emergency, so I had to scale it down.


I broke out the Brinkman Gourmet Electric Smoker (she's been in the garage while the MES 40 gets used all the time) and glazed some Cornish game hens.  Here is a pic.  I used a torch to crisp things up a bit.




Here is my variation of an appetizer called the "Vat O' Cheese" which I found on the BBQ Brethren web site.




Thanks for looking, and good smoking to you!

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The birds look great. I'm going to add that cheese appetizer to my list
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Good looking food - nice job 

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Great looking hens!


Love the cheese thingy too!

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Thanks guys!  I learned it all here.

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Birds look good but I'm a Big Cheeser from way back...That Vat looks awesome!

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great looking bird (love the torching for the crisp) and the "vats" look awesome, def on my to-do list
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Looks great double F


Thanks for the Qview icon14.gif

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Vat 'O Cheese...with bacon?  Next on my football party list !


Doing game hens this week, thanks for the tips :drool

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Looks good any recipe for that cheese vat?
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Nice Chikadees , I'm going to get the Cheese recipe...:drool  Then do some Mini-Birds too...

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