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Thanksgiving Sausage (q-view) Thanksgiving Tradition part 2

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This is a follow-up up to my post in food processing titled Thanksgiving tradition that demonstrated how we process hogs.  I left off with grinding meat.  As I indicated in the previous post I missed the pork grinding but included a picture of the beef grinding as the process is the same. 



Meat tubs for Brats



Pans for smaller sausage batches.



Mixed Italian Sausage 5#



We put this in bags to be used for patties or pizza toppings.



Mixed 12 1/2# of pepper sticks



Problems with the stuffer.  This broke after about 15" of peppersticks.



Found a replacement stuffer and started with 4# of Kielbasa.



Test Sample



Helping put 25# of Johnsonville Style Brats in a tub to dry out before packaging. 



Stuffed Sausage Maker Weiners 5#



Smoking the weiners to 138 then parboiled to 155 degrees and cooled in cold water for 10 minutes before packaging.



62 1/2# of regular brats (25# were packaged in bags the rest were put in casings below)



Cold smoking these over applewood. 



The smoker



We also did 7 1/2# of Mediesterpolse which were processed like the kielbasa and 30# of Curley's Weiners which were done like the weiners above. 


Thanks for looking.



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Whoooo Hoooo!!


That looks fabulous!!



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Looks-Great.gifIf you need help getting rid of that just pm me.I'll be glad to help.biggrin.gif

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This all looks great!  Shame about that Stuffer...I have to ask if you a willing to share Recipes for that awesome Sausage?...JJ

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That's a lot of sausage! And it all looks excellent.

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Well it looks like there is  some one who will give me the run for the money on making large batches of sausage and a little helper to boot.......... Man..... look at all that sausage. I am jellous because I am sure your cost was minimal... Ususaly when I do a 90# batch it runs me about $160 nowadays ...... 


thanks for posting and great job



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Man o man that's one big batch of sausage!


It's a shame about the stuffer, it looked like a classic!

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Man that is like... Wow


I don't think I have ever seen that much sausage at one time.


Happy Smokin'



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What an AWESOME Tradition!!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Awesome Thread !!!


Great looking Sausages Galore!!!


And a really cute little helper!!!



Thanks for the views!!




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U Da Man !!!!!

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The sausage looks great! !  The broken stuffer is not even mine and it breaks my heart to see it broken !! I can only image how may thousands of feet of sausages that that machine has seen….(I’m not sure if you consider  pepper sticks the same thing as snack sticks, but you may want to add a little extra water to your mixture when stuffing , it exerts a lot of extra pressure on the machine.) The inspector looks like she is pretty tough, you better watch it! ! She looks a lot like my daughter when she was little….Too cute ! !

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That lot of sausage !!!!
Looks great icon14.gif
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WOW! just ........ WOW!

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Ya want me to take that stuffer off yer hands laugh1.gif

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wow....that's a load of sausage....nice looking gear, shame about the stuffer...looks like it's had a long life though

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Lotta work and love in that sausage.  That old stuffer looked like it would go forever.  I guess nothing does.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Originally Posted by nepas View Post



Ya want me to take that stuffer off yer hands laugh1.gif

I can fix it nepas...........biggrin.gif

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