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first time smokes turkey brests

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yesterday was the first time i tryed smoking turkey i did two breast with different brines i did a buttermilk brine with garlic and chives butter ( from jeffs monthly news letter ) and i did pops cured turkey both turned out good and everyone loved it BIG THANKS TO POPS FOR THE CURED RECIPE  my wife and i love it i think it went over better i have the other side of the fams dinner today im reheating as i type this next im trying smoked ham for xmas STP61177.JPGone on the left is the cured one on right is the buttermilk one

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They both look delicious!

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WOW any sclied picks?

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They look great.................................more pics please 51.gif

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Looks great
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Both of those turkeys look very good. Gotta love the color.



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thanks just got them outta the oven from being reheated for today and just as juicy as thurs heres the sliced pics first one is the cured one STP61187.JPGSTP61186.JPG

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Now that looks super juicy!


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it  was and that the pics from  what i reheated yesterday it was smoked on thanksgiving


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Hey where'd you get that rack that fits inside the foil pan you were using?

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Those sliced pics are awesome!


Great job!

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Very nice!!!!

That's what we like to see icon_eek.gif



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BEAUTIFUL on both of them!  Outstanding.

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the rack i got it came in a pan set like the one pan the other turkeys in i think i say a pan like that at wally world for 5 bucks or so

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man looks great

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Looks awesome!!! Gotta love that pops brine!

Keep up the good work!



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Looks Great! Love that pink color!

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