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Oh look.... another Turkey thread! LOL (UPDATES!)

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Started the turkey last night. Mixed up a double batch of Tips Slaughterhouse brine (with a few tweaks of my own biggrin.gif). Placed the turkey into a 28 Quart cooler with the brine and some ice.... went to bed.


My additions to the slaughterhouse brine was some poultry seasoning, and 4 apple cinnamon tea bags.




Pulled the turkey out of the brine rinsed it off and patted it dry. Then made a mix of partially melted butter, poultry seasoning, and old bay seasoning - that got rubbed both under and on top of the skin. Topped the whole thing off with a light dusting of Tony Chacharros Creole Seasoning.





Into the WSM, which is running at a steady 256°, using hickory for 3 hrs. followed by cherry for 3 hrs.



.... and the dogs have visions of trimmings and gravy dancing in their heads! LOL



Will update in a few hours! Everybody be safe and  have a wonderfull Thanksgiving with lots of family, friends, and good food! th_wsmsmile0ly.gif


..... just snuck out there to dump 2 cups of water into the drip pan and snuck a picture of the bird.... looking good!



Wife (Heidi) working on the stuffing (she's saying something about not ending up on the internet... not sure what she's talking about... lol.



Yams.... minus icky marshmallows! But still sweetened up for the kids. I now as all fellow YAWYE members to look away as a descibe these: cut up yams, cinnamon, cloves, brown sugar, butter, garlic powder, kosher salt, ginger powder, and heavy cream! Total callorie count.... somewhere up around "Oh my god!".



All 4 of the "kids" eagerly awaiting Turkey!



... speaking of Turkey, here it is at hour #5. Internal temp is 170 in the thigh (gonna go to 180° - I know its a little high, but I hate seeing any pink down at the bone on poultry). Spraying with a mix of rum and martinely's sparkeling cider when I open the smoker for stuff.



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Have a good day JR...... Looking good.....   Dave

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Thanks Dave! Hope you guys are getting a break from the rain like we are! Tuesday was really, really, rainy here - even by Pacific NW standards... lol.


Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

Have a good day JR...... Looking good.....   Dave


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Looking good Johnny!

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Oh look.... another turkey reply....LOL... looks great JR...looks like there wont be any leftovers with those two there....



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Looking good....I like your thermometer holder too..!

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Looking Great already Johnny!!!!





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Now it's all over except for the 3 weeks of walking on the treadmill that it will take to walk that plat of food of!


The shots down to the closing bell:


The yams were fantastic! (Course whats not to love about butter, brown sugar, and heavy cream! lol)



The bird of honor came out really good! Nice flavor from the brine and rubs, but could still taste the turkey and smoke. Meat was moist and super tender.... mmmmmmm!




Stuffing - added dried cranberries and pecans this year, will definately be doing that again!



Gave the green bean casserole a rest this year. Sauted mushrooms, asparagus, onions, and some garlic in olive oil and butter. Pinch of salt, some fresh ground pepper, splash of heavy cream - and yet one more tasty dish!



And it just wouldn't be a SMF Thanksgiving if you didn't make the rest of the family wait while you took a picture! LOL biggrin.gif



A plate of pure artfull masterpiece, 6 hrs. in the making!



Well.... time to make like a bear and hibernate till June or there abouts! Hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving!


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Awesome color Johnny !!!!


Plate looks a little empty though!!!  biggrin.gif


I feel like hibernating now too !!!!


Probably a lot of us do, but we have all those leftovers to consume!!!!



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Looks good JR..... I like the mushroom combo, yummy... I just finished porkin' out so your q-view ain't makin' me hungry.... well maybe a little...    looks like you're holdin' up grace.... Dave

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Great looking Chow...JJ

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Thanks all! Definately high praise coming from this group of "seasoned" smokers..... lol. Just ate a slice of pumpkin pie.... now I'm full again! I hope Bear doesn't snore to much or we may have to kick him out of the hibernation cave! 47.gif

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Nice looking Bird Johnny. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving,Opps,guess you didicon_redface.gif. Then have a great weekend.


Stan   aka   oldschool



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Real nice!!!


I have seen some awesome cooking today here!


Gobble gobble!!!



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loved the comment about making family wait while u took a pic......... that hits home!! lol


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Nice turkey bird JR and the whole fiest looks great...Nice job and nice family...

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Nice turkey! and who can go wrong with yams lol. def gonna have to try the asparagus medley as wellpoints.gif

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Awesome looking chow Johnny!

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Great Looking Family Johnny!

Thanks for sharing!!!!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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