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want to try a standing rib roast

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I've been asked to consider smoking a standing rib roast for my family for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. I have very little experience smoking beef so I'm here looking for some guidance. I'd like it to have a very mild smoke flavor with a rub that appeals to everyone, not looking to take much away from whats already a great taste. Anyone care to share a recipe or provide a step by step??

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Here's one I did.

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Bearcarver has a good step by step direction on his signature that would be good for you to read. Do a search for standing rib roast or prime rib and you will find a ton of good information and direction. But to get the gist of it I rib mine with a nice easy rub of sea salt, garlic and onion powder, pepper and some Canadian steak seasoning. Let it sit over night then throw it in the smoker at around 225-250 and if you like it rare/medium rare pull it out just before it hits an internal temp of 140 degrees and let it rest then carve it up and enjoy. You will love a smoked prime rib I guarantee it!

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Here's one I did.

Al has done some awesome looking rib roasts as well. There are tons of good posts out there if you want to do some reading and drooling.

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If you follow any of the three mentioned above you will be very successful indeed

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I like to Rub with Montreal Steak Seasoning, and refrigerate Wrapped in Cheese Cloth or Paper towel for 5 days, to Dry age up a bit...Day of the Smoke, I pull 1 hour early to warm up on the kitchen counter, then in to the Smoker placed over a pan with Celery, Carrot and Onion in it...I  Smoke at 225-250*F until a Internal Temp of 110*F, about 30 Minutes a pound....I pull the meat and let it rest while I heat the Oven to 500*F...Then in the Oven to Finish and Crisp the Exterior...Roast to 120*F for Rare, 130*F for Med Rare, 140*F for Medium, 150*F for Med Well and 160*F for Worthless....Tent or Wrap the Meat in foil and Rest in a Cooler 1 hour or up to 5 hours wrapped in an old Blanket....Meanwhile...Add Beef Broth, Herbs and Spices to the Pan with the Drippings and Veg bring to a boil, reduce heat and Simmer 1/2 hour to make JUS for serving the Roast AU JUS...To De-Fat , skim off bulk of the fat then Draw strips of Paper towel across the JUS to remove the remainder...Or... Thicken the JUS with Roux (1Tbs Flour/1Tbs Beef Fat or Butter, cooked for 3-5 minutes over low heat) and whisked in.  A lower Fat Slurry can be used also...Mix 1Tbs Flour with 3Tbs Water per cup of JUS, mix well and whisk in to Jus...To finish Gravy, bring to a boil reduce heat and Simmer 10-15 Minutes to cook out the Starch...Adjust Salt and Pepper and serve with Beef...Hope this Helps...JJ

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Thats a good recipe Chef Jimmy !

On mine I poke a few crushed garlic cloves inside, rub with sea salt and course black pepper. Thermometer is a must to get it just right.

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Love the PR, I would prefer it over turkey any day.


There's lots of info on PR here


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There are a lot of Great ones on this forum, like SmokinAl's, Craig's, and a whole load of others.


Below are two of my best---The second one is my favorite.


I keep mine simple---Just Worcestershire (thick), CBP, Garlic powder, and Onion powder.


Check these out for ease of following:



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Looks like I've got some reading to do, thanks for all the links & tips!

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