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Today was fathers day here in Ponce de Leon.. Q-view included!

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Got the bulk of my fiances family here. Her sister and her two boys. Her Dad and one of her boys. Her sons birthday was Sunday so we made today fathers day.


Did two rib roasts for 8 pounds, fresh  butter beans,black eyed peas and potatoes.


SPOG on the meat,in the WSM at 220 with apple chunks.


Out at 135 in about 5 hours and rested in the cooler for an hour.


A little further done than we prefer...the rest of em wanted med rare.


Put the therms in after 1.5 hours.







  Had 2 plates of meat..lots left for sammies.


I made a blueberry crisp in my D.O. in the got gone so fast there was no pics...but it was gooooood.


Hope y'all had a great day we sure did!!






















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Fantastic looking meal Craig...Everything looks Delicious. drool.gif Sounds like you had a Great Day with the Family!!!

Happy Fathers Day...icon14.gif

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Looks great Craig, sounds like a full house. Bet it was enjoyed by all. DO crisp sure is good stuff.
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Freakin' AWESOME! Craig,

the butterbeans and taters does it for this country boy!

I'm glad your my nieghborbiggrin.gif


Outstanding job  2thumbs.gif

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Beautiful slabs of cow goodness! drool.gif Knock off the horns and...........biggrin.gif

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You're quite the catch, Craig!!  Sharing food with family and friends is just the best, isn't it??  Awesome looking dinner! drool.gif You're lucky I don't live nearby.... Cheers!beercheer.gif

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Great looking smoke Craig. Congrats on a great success and feeding the soon to be inlaws

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Delicious looking meal there Craig!   bravo.png

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Yup---That'll do it !!!!


Nice Job Craig !!!!


Nice BearView too!!!



Thanks Craig,


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Sexy Looking Meat My Friend!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Thanks folks!!


Whew I was kinda busy yesterday...


Today it's just the 3 of us...



Got lots of leftovers from 2 days cook time so I am cruzin now..



  Have a great day!!




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Everything looks great Craig!! Nice way to spend the day too. bravo.png

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Thanks Jeanie... It was a good day..



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Fantastic looking meat!!!
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Looks great!

Glad to see you're back to smoking!

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Great job Craig!  Meat looks great and then a red potato.  Works for me.


Good luck and good smoking.

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It looks like great feast.

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