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Chile Recipe

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This Chile Recipe won 1st place in a Chile-Cook-off---- Contest





2-lg. cans of Tomato Sauce

1-lg. onion-diced

1 1/2--lbs. lean pork--diced

1 1/2--lbs. lean beef--diced

1--sm. can hot Jalapenos peppers--chopped

1--med. zucchini-Optional*zucchini thickens sauce

salt, pepper, garlic powder, & oregano* to taste


Season--meat with salt, garlic powder, & pepper.

Brown-quickly in hot oil

Remove-& place on paper towel to drain

Place-in large pot or crock pot

Add-Tomato Sauce & 2 cans of water

dice-onion & grated *zucchini.

Sprinkle--*oregano over top till covered.

Stir--& simmer--2 1/2 Hours till meat is tender,

or---cook in Crock-Pot


*Oregano--adds spice without more heat.

*Zucchini thickens sauce.


Thought I would share this recipe we have--made it for many years to make hotter just add more peppers----------Ken























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It looks delicious Ken!


Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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sounds great... Thanks for posting icon14.gif

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Where is the Chile powder ?

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Well if you want too go a head I have doctored it with adding more peppers

I put more pepper,  in that I had from my garden I have added hot sauce to it

I have put Cayenne Pepper powder that I had ground from the long cayenne peppers

from my garden & others peppers from garden But when you do it in the

crock pot & cook all day it makes it hotter do what you want I like hot but the wife

 is a little wimpy & I have made it hotter & made excuses why it's hotter.



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