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Getting green peppers to turn red

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I had a lot of long cayenne peppers I had to take off of the plants because of weather was getting cold--20's--30's I had over 60--to--80 of them or more

I looked on the internet they said to put in paper bag & put a apple in the bag that makes the peppers turn well I tried it with in 2 weeks they all had turned red I used a few bags for all those peppers & they were all  were dried too.

My wife wanted me to grind some of the peppers

I put them in 1 of those 1 1/2 cup choppers &

then put in a small coffee grinder---Hamiton Beach  it turned then into powder but my eyes were watering & I was coughing my ass off for about a half hour after I finished




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Wait a minute I thought you wanted to know about tomatoes. Now yo want to know about Japs...Ok ....JERRY

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