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Smoked Chicken Wings: Either a Hit or Miss, Some Q-View.

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I had family over tonight for some wine tasting and we all agreed to bring over a hors d'ouerve.  I decided to have smoked chicken wings.  I bought whole wings and made party wings myself.  I decided to make my own rub instead of using a store bought rub or a recipe.  I used Mexican chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, kosher salt, sugar, cayenne pepper, and ground mustard.  I thought I had too much rub but it actually worked out well.  I put the wings in a plastic bag with the rub and little bit of extra virgin olive oil and left them in the refigerator overnight. 


This afternoon I pulled them out of fridge and let them sit for an hour and then threw them in the smoker for 2 hours.  I didn't have thermometer in the smoker so went off the onboard thermometer, which is very inaccurate.   I probably had the temp. around 220 to 240 F most of the time.  I used mostly pecan wood with a little bit of cherry wood.  I didn't want the heavier flavor from Hickory.  I pulled them out of the smoker and then deep fried them in peanut oil for two minutes to crisp up the skin.


My biggest mistake was using a BBQ sauce that was too sweet.  I used KC Masterpiece and added some Franks Redhot to add a little heat.  I had the right amount of heat for my taste, but the sauce was too damn sweet.  I wish I had Butcher's BBQ sauce or made my own, but live and learn I guess.  In the end the wings were good and they had the right amount of smoke.


Now for the pictures:


Ready for the Smoker (Vertical Brinkmann Charcoal).



Deep Frying in peanut oil at 375 degrees F.



The finished product.



OK I admit to being a little drunk after drinking a lot of wine (tasty, but not as good as a dark beer), but gotta say I love this board.  I'm a big time novice smoker as I started this summer, but I've learned a lot reading this site and now I'm seriously considering making a major upgrade from my cheap smoker to a quality rig.

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Those look great. Sorry to hear about the sauce being to sweet.

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Well they sure look good, nice color!


When we do wings we just coat them with EVOO, then salt & pepper.


Smoke them at 275-300 with mesquite. When they are done toss them with a mixture of melted butter & Franks hot wing sauce.


As a matter of fact we had a bunch last night.

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Very nice lookin wings. Never thought of using the deep fryer after smoking.


Might just try that on my next batch.




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look great

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gonna do some wings for the uga game next weekend

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