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Warning To Archers - Page 2

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WOW I've never thought of what could happen if your new arrows are too short!  Thank you for sharing that. My whole family & many friends bow hunt and I just got new arrows last year. I will pass this along. 

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I bet he peed down his leg:)WOW............This wouldnt happen shootin a PSE:)

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I'm not an archer. I've never used a compound bow. I don't know how that happens, but I think Bearcarver did a great service for me and others who might be ignorant of the possibilities. Thank you!

I wonder if the heel of the hand there has any tendons, nerves or vessels that might have been permanently damaged. I used a knife improperly - and I KNOW BETTER - and when it slipped it went through the web of my left hand. It was a small knife of the type made in Sweden and Finland (can't remember the name for it, dammit). If it had been bigger I might have lost a great deal of the use of that hand. As it was, I hit a small artery and damaged a nerve or two but it didn't affect my use of the hand. Took twelve stitches to close it. It's been months and I still get occasional pains in my finger because the nerve was nicked.

Be very careful with those sharp things, friends!
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I bet he peed down his leg:)WOW............This wouldnt happen sho:biggrin:otin a PSE:)

Yeah with a PSE it wouldn't have had thr power to go through! Lol!!
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