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I love BBQ! I've got some tools! I kinda have to build one, don't I ? - Page 8

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Nice videos.yahoo.gif
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Well, I finally got around to adding fenders. I've been so busy using this thing, I had stopped working on it. I have a light kit to put on it but I've been toying around with the idea of tombstone tail lights. Just not wanting to spend the money on them. Could just make them myself but the weekend is so short already.


My cell phone sure does have trouble with that orange paint.


That frame there accross the front is a mount for that detachable work table I mentioned earlier.

I ran out of day light before the paint dried to get pics of it together.


So, if you was to come up behind this on the road, what would you be thinkin?






Anybody wanna guess what I'm gonna do with these things? 33.gif

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I couldn't stand it, so before I left for work I put it together.


I may need to make the leg adjustable for unlevel (my yard) ground.




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Sweet looking smoker. I'll be looking for it on the road.
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Continuing to tweak. Strange day today. I woke up at 2:00am with flu like symptoms bad. By mid morning I felt well enough to change out brake pads on my truck and start doing a little more to the smoker. I made the leg that supports my table adjustable so that I can level it no matter where I am. Then I went ahead with something else I've been thinking about doing. Remember those cast iron grates?








I know, the wheels still suck! I got something coming for that. It's gonna be cool.

Thanks Michael, you never know. Honk and I'll waive.

Anyway, I stopped moving and those flu symptoms are back. Getting old I guess. Happened sooner than I thought.

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Love it! What wheels are ya looking to put on it?

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Originally Posted by solaryellow View Post

Love it! What wheels are ya looking to put on it?

Well, Wheels aren't even close to in my budget. I found two hubcaps from a 1955 Chevy Belair on ebay, Got the set for $15.55.


55 Chevy Belair.jpg

I figure I'll paint that ring the same Chevy Orange I've been using.

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Looks Great and I really like the caps!!!  It maybe just me and the pictures, but it looks to me that the angle iron legs that you used to weld to the grate maybe galvanized. That can and will give you flu like symptoms….fever, aches and a headache. If it is and you are still feeling bad, drink some milk….it man help easy your symptoms…..Hope you are feeling better and the build looks great!!!!


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man i didnt think you could improve that smoker but that table is a great idea i like the grates on top of the fire box too
bunn warmers or boiling anything

i think your right on the hub caps too orange pinstripe on black edge or just orange it will look cool

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What a wicked looking smoker. Great job!

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Thanks everyone! I'm really enjoying this smoker. Both building it and using it. This forum has definitely been one of the most important elements of the whole process.

There's no galvanized Shoneyboy, just good old hot rolled. The flu has been going around here and I guess I got enough of it to screw up my weekend. I had my heart set on doing a tri-tip after reading Jeff's newsletter. Maybe next weekend. Can't wait for my econo-bling to arrive! 

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Great Work!  

With all of those tables, it looks like it will be great to work with.  I always run out of places to set stuff when I am doing my outdoor cooking. It would help me keep the mess down in the kitchen.

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I stop at west memphis every time I go to memphis to get some krystals.I like the grates ideal.icon14.gif
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Love the grates on the fire box. Why didn't I think of that?

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looks sweet icon14.gif

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Very cool! Can't believe I missed this thread.

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Great smoker, I know West Memphis is fortuate to have it on the move.

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What a great day yesterday! So warm that I rode my 37 mile commute home with the leather in the saddlebag! First time this year! When I got home those hubcaps were there. They look cool. I'll get busy painting that ring this weekend.

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That is one righteous smoker. A work of art.

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Amazing job.  I am really impressed.


Reading through the post (skipping to Bubbonehead's posts) I was blown away.  Then I got to the video and my mind was even more blown.  Best thread ever!

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