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I may be a little late for the party on this one but here goes.  I did my first brisket flat this weekend.  Put Jeff's rub all over it and put it in the smoker at 240.  It took 10 hours and came out very good.  Jeff's rub did not make it hot.  I make that rub according to the directions and the brisket tasted wonderful.  Again, no noticable heat.  Smoked fat side up, did not foil and did not check it until the IT was 197.  Covered and let stand for 2 hours.





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 Porkaholic , I use Jeff's all the time and I agree with ya , ( no heat) But the brides family ....thinks it way to "Spicy' "   I mean these people don't even use pepper on their food  !



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Guess that means they really would not have liked my chili that I made this weekend.  Smoked pork loin (with Jeff's rub), smoked hamburger all the other fixins and yes, some more of Jeff's rub just to top it off.  Hope you have success with the briskets and with pleasing everyone.

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 Wow , I like the sound of that Chili ! ( gonna have to try it )

Well Ya know what they say ..... Ya can't please everyone ..........

That's why I figured  I would do two ...... AIN'T no way I wanna make a bland hunk a meat , or disappoint all the others who love my Q  This way there will be two ....and a big old bowel a BBQ sauce that is Carolina tart with a lot-ta heat , and flavor so  when the " Jeff's Rub Brisket is gone ...they can dip the mild one ......I'm also looking forward to seeing which one get eaten  first ...and coments on the other .

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Hey , Tiki. Since you have to test cook some, send me a ticket and feed me while I'm there and I'l do the cook for ya. I have some Relatives in the Lover's State.


Heck, I'm disabled and don't work anyhow, and a vacation from my Lovely Bride(Hehehehe).I don't drink or smoke (other than meat) and love a Party :)-


If interested......



Stan   aka   oldschool                                                   biggrin.gif

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  OK ........Here I go .........................

I picked up two briskets this morning   both 4.5 LBS nice caps on both


Brisket #1

  Jeff's rub, but this time instead of just adding the ingredients in a bowl and stirring them up ...I put um in a small coffee grinder and pulverized um into a baby powder  ( I saw this somewhere on the forums)Q-View 001.JPG

Q-View 002.JPG

Q-View 003.JPG

Q-View 004.JPG


Brisket #2

  Ground up some kosher salt , pepper , onion powder , garlic powder  rub it first with Worcester , and couldn't resist to try something not on the plan I injected some Worcester sauce ........Q-View 006.JPG


Q-View 005.JPG


Q-View 008.JPG


 Both sealed up and in the fridge to rest a bit and now to go get my wood chips....

I'll be starting the smoke early Saturday morning , and Q-View all the way ....right up to the wedding , and report back with which one got eaten first , and how the milder "not spicy ( still don't get that comment , but what the heck)   went    MORE PIX TO FOLLOW ! 

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Alright we are finally getting to it!

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MMMMmmmmm, good start !!!






BTW: Just as a reminder---Since you injected it, you should get to 135˚ in no longer than 4 hours.

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Man oh man!  Looks good so far, and look forward to the results! Go get' em!

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  Here We GO !     Pulled um outta da fridge .....( 36 hrs in the rubs )  Wow one looks like Chocolate brownies the other , well   pale white but smells great !IMG_8216.JPG




NOW............I wait ..........

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Right there with you!



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Finally going to join in on this one. I have just been sitting back lurking on it

waiting for the "Day" of  the smoke.... Yehaw... here we are.



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You may want to consider a Prime Rib seasoning.  Not my thing to buy store bought but most store bought seasoning preperations are designed for the masses and thus are very middle road.

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 Two Hours in ...... Beauty thin line a blue smoke wafting  out , the Neighborhood smell  fantastic , a few joggers passed by saying ..."Hey what smells so good"

Temp is holdin at 239 , I'm very happy so far !

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HAHAHAHAH you will be attracting all your neighbors with that smell!  Looks great so far!!!

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Starving just looking at those pics, and I just ate!


Drool bucket at the ready, waiting on the finished product.

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  UPDATE !    4 Hours in, just probed to check we have a internal temp of 170 on both , kinda shocked at that , I thought they would take a whole lot longer , and I happy so far ......fearing the stall     keepin my fingers crossed  to avoid the stall  !

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  5 Hours in ...175  ( sorry I had to add some pix ! ) Q-View 004.JPG

Q-View 005.JPG

Q-View 006.JPG

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WOO HOO, that's lookin' real good!!

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  ONE DONE !    the second is stuck at 182 ............no time fer a stall .....gotta be at the Wedding in a hour ...........Qview 002.JPG

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