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Rotate turkey in the brine?

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I'm working on turkey for this thanksgiving and I'm doing a test smoke tomorrow. I was wondering if it was necessary to rotate or turn the turkey while it's soaking in the brine? I've seen some articles that mentioned doing this but I am not sure if it's really needed if the bird is fully submerged.

Thanks for the help.
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I don't think It's necessary.. IMHO though myself I do seperate the skin from the breast and legs before going in the brine... that way the brine gets to the meat, it will not soak thru the skin, Just work our hand down between the skin and breast and then work fingers around legs and thighs.
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If the bird is fully submerged, check the cavity.  If you have the cavity fully filled and the bird submerged, there is no need to rotate.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Thanks for the quick replies fellas! She's fully submerged and the cavity is full so it sounds like I'm good to go.
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Yes, you are!  The skin is no barrier to the brine, it is as porous as the meat itself; I've brined thousands of turkeys and chickens with the skin on tightly and they pickle all the way through with no problem.  However, it is much healthier if you remove the skin, either before or after brining, and get rid of all the underlying fat, see my thread Naked Dixee Chicks below in my sig line.

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Sounds like Pops has you covered.

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