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Boykjo,  Just want to thank you for everything you did for us while you where here.  You collected firewood, made sausage 4 different times, help Tim with environmental control, help with clean up, watched the smokers, the list goes on and on,  You where an important part of the success of SELA this year,   You are a friend and I hope to get a chance to drink a couple of beers with you in the future THANK YOU for all you did and all you gave.


If anyone gets a chance to sample Boykjo's kielbasa and jalapeno/cheddar sausage you have to do it. It's got perfect taste, texture and appearance.  I wish you all the success in the world with it.

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My first SELA Gathering !!!  I had the best time, with some of the nicest people you could have wished for !!! Thanks to everyone !!! DSCN3283.JPG DSCN3272.JPGDSCN3287.JPGDSCN3282.JPGDSCN3285.JPGDSCN3288.JPGDSCN3289.JPGDSCN3290.JPGDSCN3273.JPGDSCN3301.JPG

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Joe, I have to agree with Al, that was some fantastic sausagedrool.gif !!! I hope to one day get mine that good. Very well seasoned, it was great for breakfast Sunday morning. Thanks for the tips SB

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I would like to thank Al an liz for hosting The SELA gathering and also I would like to thank bob (eman) and sherrie for co-hosting the event..... I had a great time and ate some great food. It was great to see all of you again I had met at jerrys and meeting some new faces like bobdog, shoneyboy and his family, so ms smoker (Mike) shooter rick and sherri, ruby and als dogs.......I will definately be looking forward to next years fall gathering.......




here are some pics i took



















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Looks like a great time..hate it I couldn't be there...



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Well I am still full but look forward to doin it again next year.  I want to thank all who helped watch the smokers with me and lend a hand.  Good times and good folk!

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Everything looked SOOO GOOD!...What I want to know is...How did that Motley Crew end up with all those pretty ladies!?!? th_dunno-1[1].gif...JJ

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Yea You Guys!

Who are the ladies!?!?!?!?

Without their blessing, you guys would have been stuck mowing lawn or checking things off the "Honey Do List"!






No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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The ladies I asked prefer to remain unidentified.  Their association with us is something they do not want their families to know about. 

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I'm starting to think that the SELA gathering should be two times a year al. Lol.. I'm already checking out the camping gear and thinking of what could be smoked..grilling_smilie.gif
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Wow, looks like you guys and gals had a blast! Great pictures. I love to see these gatherings. I wanna make it to one some day. The food sure did look awesome too. Thanks for sharing!



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Most of the SELA crowd will go to the North Florida Gathering in the Spring ,  Jerry and Karen (whom you met) sponsor that event.  You guys are friends and I never mind sharing a smoker with friends.  I'm game for a one day local get together if you, shoneyboy, Bobdog, SoMsSmoker and other locals are interested  Lets keep it in mind, good idea as long as there is no conflict with North Florida.   Right now I am trying to recover from the weekend  biggrin.gif

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Oh and another thing,  we spoke a lot about what the guys did but I want to make sure we thank the wives.  Sheri (Eman) was responsible for so many sides and breakfasts including potato salad (eating some reminded me), garbage grits, hashbrown casserole, and crack wraps.  She also prepped the buffalo skewers, the rabbit and just about anything else that went on the smokers.    Sandy (shooterrick) was responsible for her world famous cinnamon rolls and shooting the majority of the pictures, my dear wife (Liz) isn't much of a cook, she will admit, but she made a knock out coconut cake and worked the entire weekend trying to make sure everyone was comfortable.   Karen (pinneywoods) a bundle of energy after a couple of cups of coffee helped out in the kitchen and helped keep the mess outside under control.  Thank you ladies, we couldn't have had a successful party with out you..   Any of you guys thinking about doing one of these, your wives have to be sold on it but once they get one under their belt they are hooked for life,  Liz is already asking when the next one is scheduled.  


So Thanks to the wives, they don't get all the recognition they deserve but do the vast majority of the work,  just saying.

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 I wanted to say....."THANK 77.gif YOU" to the wives and again everything was drool.gifGreat !!!

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In Boykjo's 2nd picture that is me w/ my ugly mug and my wife Sherrie in the back ground.

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SELA BBQ Gathering 2011 048_01.JPGSELA BBQ Gathering 2011 052_01.JPGSELA BBQ Gathering 2011 057_01.JPGMore SELA Pics!


SELA BBQ Gathering 2011 008_01.JPGSELA BBQ Gathering 2011 023_01.JPGSELA BBQ Gathering 2011 047_01.JPG

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