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What to smoke??

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I can grill any thing and everything so thought I would expand into the smoking world.  Smoked many items on the grill, not the same but flavorful at least, but have alwasy wanted to truely smoke meats.  So I did as many have and tried to stay cheap on the first purchase and after reading review after review I went with the "red bullet" by Brinkman.  From what I know, all in all cant complain.  I am going to make some of the modifactions that I have read and will see if they are worth it.


So far I have smoked a beer can chicken, 5 lbs for about 4 hours.  Came out great, a bit too smokey but I guess that will come with experience.  Also a nice slab of salmon, a bit dry but still very good.


So my daughter is having a bday party and I want to offer some good smoked foods to the fathers, and looking for ideas as to what and tips.  Wings cant go wrong? Butt, can a newbie pull it off for guest? Brisket, not everyone cares for it.  Ribs?


Any thoughts and ideas much apprecciated.


Thanks, from the new guy Chris.


Hey, what do you thinkg about smoked chicken nuggets for thee kids, lol.

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This site has tons of info.

I would suggest you spend some time reading all the different forums and the WIKIs.

Ask questions and use the handy dandy search tool for specific interests!!

Take the awesome free E-Course!!!

Have a great day!!!

      Make bacon the easy way!!


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hmmm,, how about a couple fatties ?  Not sure if those are considered true meats but can practically guarantee they will go over well and they do not take too long too do.  I think you could pull off a smoked butt, just go with the internal temps instead of hours cooking.  Once I got that through my head,, every butt and ham has come out in perfect pulling condition.  Mix up a little sauce for the dads to pour over it and will be a winner :)

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How about chicken legs for the kids???? Ain't that the first part kids grab????

Then How about ABT's and wings for the guys????? If ya make'm hot.............have plenty of birthday icecream for a chaser.

I'm planning wings, thyes and ABT's myself this afternoon.

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Wings, ABT (for sure), fatty, ribs. All of these usually go over very well.

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Flipper,welcome1.gif. May I suggest a Pork Butt(shoulder cut),and doing that for the Dads,they will love it; having said that, do you have a reliable thermometer?You need to control the 'grate' temp. under your Butt. A probe therm. will do this well.


I feel your temps. are off. Get your Bullet hot and settleed in at 225*f and the smoke Bluish looking , then put the Butt in(ask the wife to help rub your Butt)sorry it was there...


After you get set, introduce you Butt to the Smoker and keep it as steady as you can, get in trouble, contact someone here and we'll help out. Butts are very forgiving and a good learning tool for bigger cuts of meat. Now, the most important thing...'PATIENCE' don't keep opening the lid,each time you do you lose all the heat and extend time of the cook.


Try a 8lb.-bone in Butt,should be enough and some left over,for you. Cook this for an average of 225*f for 1.5 hrs. per pound of raw meat, this is a general rule of thumb and will give you a time to start. Beware, some Butts(like women- have a stall-time and won't do anything),so PATIENCE is needed for your cook. Be protective of 'your' smoker and let NO-ONE open it, you are the cook, they have no idea. I don't care if they have a BBQ's still your pit...maybe they will learn something from YOUbiggrin.gif


Keep the heat right and everything goes well, you cook should look like this:


Betty 004.JPG


When the bone is loose enough to pull out of the meat with your fingers, it's done.(use glove it's hot)


The Chicken legs and such should be done on the Gasser, hotter than the Butt. You know how to do that...


Your Butt will not be dry and will be fall apart done, with a nice ring and Bark.


A few ABT's and a couple of Fatties and you will be the hit of the yearyahoo.gif.



Have fun and.......



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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!



Stan X2

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A couple of Fatties and a pork butt ?????????????

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So the menu for the BBQ: 6.7 lbs boneless pork butt, and 8lbs of leg quarters.  I'm in the expensive state of CT butt was 2.89 a lbs, but pick up the leg quarters for .69 a lbs.  Tried some the the chicken over the weekend, smoked for just over three hours at 220° then applied sauce and threw in a 400° oven for 20 min.  Came out great, not to smokey, nice sauce and extremely juicy.  Pork is going in smoker on Friday, pictures to come.

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