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Summer Sausage

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This was my first go at summer sausage.

I've a number of recipes collected, but since I have a bunch of AC Legg's mixes on-hand & time was short, I though I'd give the mix a try.


7 pounds of 85/15 of freshly ground beef from the store, added the mix plus the cure. I also added so ECA to the batch to give it some 'tang.' I stuffed two chubs using clear 70mm x 24 in. fibrous casing.


No pics early on as my son was borrowing my camera when I started. th_crybaby2.gif


One hour in the smoker (no smoke) @ 120° to dry the chubs, & then three hours in the smoker with hickory. Started at 135° & amped gradually up to 160.° Pulled the chubs & plunked 'em into the 165° water bath until the IT hit 156°—which only took about 35 minutes.


Night-time poaching again:



I had to make to make some special arrangements for hanging the two sausages in the kitchen as we recently acquired a new 'houseguest' who has shown a real interest (!!) in the sausage making process:



Hang 'em high!



Ready to eat...but I think I'll let 'em sit in the other fridge for a few days to continue to 'dry out' a bit more.



Had to take a SMALL sample before pacing them in the fridge— nice texture, smokey & slightly-sweet/salty tangy flavor!

A few days of fridge-time will only intensify the overall flavor and continue the 'firming up' process...







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I think that they look real good...

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Kevin , Poaching is illegal..

The sausage looks great, and I agree with ya, they only get better setting in the frig a couple days drying out.

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Looks great. I love to see when someone does not over cook the sausage. great view. I can smell them from here. I had 2 Kodak digital cameras and my son borrowed both and they are now gone. I now have a Nikon that i got just for this forum and i do not let my sons borrow at all. That is a nice looking cooker could you describe it for me??

I used to use the water and now i try to do the whole shebang in the UDS i built out of a Water pressure tank. I am not sure i can really taste any difference though.

From the size of your new best friend i think you better hang em high er. thumb1.gif

Happy smoken


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Those look great!

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Nice SS Mi Amigo



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Yeah, I'm thinking AT LEAST 2 days additional dry time in the fridge would be the minimum. By poaching them, they are 'moister' than if I had continue to cook them in the smoker for the additional 3-4 hours dry heat would require to reach the ideal IT. Less fluid loss and even a slight gain with water-poach.


Karl— the cooker is an old Westinghouse Turkey roaster oven (1950) that not only will roast an 18 pound turkey; but it'll poach 10-12 pounds of links in the basin. Holds temp VERY steady.

You can find 'em on ebay or craiglist at time. I liked this one especially because of the height. Or you can just buy a new roaster—but it won't have the 'ol retro styling! biggrin.gif





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That looks awesome!
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Oh No.

The Height threw me off. I just gave one of those away to my grange.

I wonder if i could beg to git it back. th_crybaby2.gif

I do have an 18 qt nesco but that retro is the bomb.

I quit the water bath because i thought that maybe i was soaking some of the smoke flavor out of the meat. However as i said earlier i don't think i noticed any diff.

Maybe i will try again.


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Looks great Kevin!

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Looks Great Kevin !!!!


I think old "Marmaduke" is more interested in Sausage Consumption!!!   "Hang 'em high" LOL


Nice Roaster!!!  My mother used to have one of those, but only the top section. She used to make a full roaster of Baked Beans for every big annual family reunion.




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drool.gif do I need to PM you my shipping  those look great!

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This is a great ss look yummy

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Being that this SS was a bit larger in diameter (2.75"), letting the sausage sit for 3-4 days really helped. Firmed up & the flavor developed nicely.
Need to get some smoked cheese & some good crackers to compliment the SS.  :)
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Mmmmm nice slice-view...


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Originally Posted by DanMcG View Post

Mmmmm nice slice-view...




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Great job Kevin. That is awesome looking sausage.

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Looks very tasty, Couger!!!


Nice BearView of the sliced up goodness too!!!



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