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Smokin For My Sister's Second Wedding Banquet

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I have smoke many o buts in my time, but never have I tried 3 at the same time in my GOSM.  I Started them at 10:15 pm with the general rule of 1.5 hours per pound in mind.  However, I jacked the heat back down to about 200 degrees because the last thing I want at this shindig (and I have an hour to drive) is a dry peace of ass... If you know what Im saying.  So my question to all you pork smokin fanatics out there is ------ wait for it...... wait--- hang on---- i forgot---- oh yea----- I need to have the good stuff ready by like 2:00 tomorrow afternoon.... and i jacked the heat down to compensate for you all think im doing the right thing or should I have jacked the heat up and cooked it quicker????  Any help would be most appreciated... BTW... I have cracked a bottle or two of home-made blackberry wine and  a bottle of cherry wine... the first legitimate response that I can validate as true gets a bottle of wine of their choice in the mail!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... hAHhhH












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Oh BTW... Ill post pics in the morning...




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As long as you know the true temps in your smoker, 3 should cook in the same time as one.  It will just take more fuel.


The 1.5 hour deal is just a guideline.  I have found butts take longer, but that will depend on a lot of factors as to how you are dealing with them.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Thanks for the reply... I am just trying to get a gauge to my smoke temps considering I have to have this done by 12:00 or so with driving time... I have a digital temp thermometer in the highest one.... which should be the coolest.   I have an hour to drive so wrapped in foil in a cooler with towels should rise the temp like 5-10 degrees in an hour.   PM me your info and I will send you off some home made wine of your choice... rhubarb, sour cherry, blackberry, blackberry elderberry, concord, aurora... Id be happy to send you some... Thanks for the help.



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 Lowering the temp will increase the cooking time. Hope it worked out for you.




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   Yeah, you'll do great , I feel lower temp. renders the fat and connective tissues better. Don't worry , when the Bones pull out easy ,they're done and will stay juicy wrapped in foil and towels for the cooler(they will hold good for several hours that way if needed).

Betty 004.JPG they should be like this and...

Betty 011.JPG and be this tender and juicydrool.gif

Have fun and...

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I think drop the temp and put the wine on ice and it  will be OK

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Don't forget the Q-view!

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OK.  So now I have a bit of an issue.  This stuff finished really early.  Its done now.  207 on the thermometer.  Should I foil it and stick it in the cooler or let it cook for a bit yet? 





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Looks good for being that old LOL

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