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Originally Posted by Matuz View Post

Al, Guys,  


I just did this with a few modifcations, but I tell you what.  These were great!


So there was a "manager's special" at Shop n' Save on spare ribs so I picked up a good looking rack.drool.gif


Put a smoked apple rub that I bought in KC, Mo on it the night before.  Got my smoker going at 220-240F the entire time.


I did 2 hours on the smoker, 2 hours in foil with apple juice, and about 15 min on the grill until I hit 190F.  I mopped with Sweet Baby Ray's.


TENDER.  The bones pulled right out, so it was a bit to tender.  But the smoke ring was all there.  When I put the ribs on the grill I began on the lower deck.  The fat/sugar flamed up while I was cooking some green beans.  So that is why I had it on there for so little of time.  Next time,I am going to use my top rack and leave it in there for 30-45 min and let it firm back up a bit.


Al, your the man...I have tried and failed to make some tender ribs with a non-dry/tough top, until I read your post.  THANK YOU!



welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!



Glad to be of service!   439.gif

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Al Knows Ribs !!!!   th_INGardenbbq7.gif



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What function does the sand provide? The water is for moisture correct?


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The sand acts as a thermal mass to help the heat recover quicker when you open and close the lid.

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It also keep the heat more stable as the charcoal burns.


Water does the same thing, I think the sand works better and is easier to clean up.

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Very Nice. So water in the smoker isn't to add vapor to the chamber? I have a horizontal smoker, putting a tray of water in front of where the firebox connects into the main chamber would do
no good correct?.

The reason I ask is I am preparing to have a company picnic and I am borrowing a friends vertical smoker that is wood fired. I have never cooked on it before and I am going to need all the
tricks I can get. I have seen 2 different people try to use this smoker and they overcooked the meat. Fortunately I consider myself a better pit-master than them. lol

Would putting trays of sand benefit me? this smoker only has one opening and its the main door. Whenever adding wood, the front door has to be opened.
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I would be willing to bet your friends just plain over cooked the meat. I swear by a temp probe.

The moisture will speed up the cooking by some.


Have fun and Happy smoken.


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Accurate thermometers should be the #1 concern. That is probably why they overcooked the meat. Or they got some weird idea in their heads that made them go by time instead of temp.

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