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Quicky Chicky grilled

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Did a quick tastey grilled chicken on the Weber Kettle last night... was to hot to spend the day messing with the smoker. Rub on the chicken was the Baja rub I got from Costco and a little Tony Chacharos Creole seasoning for added kick. The corn got brushed with butter and a tiny amount of Tony Chacharos sprinkled on it. Rice was cooked in chicken broth seasoned with Baja rub and a tablespoon of butter.






.... and a little Bear view biggrin.gif


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Lookin good!

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Great smoke Johnny !!!


Nice BearView of an awesome plate too!!!


This old Bear could go for a plate like that right now!!!





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Looks great!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Great looking meal Johnny!

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Man brother that looks greatthumb1.gif

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Thanks everybody! .... and it tastes just as good for lunch two days later! Just had me some salad and a piece of that yummy chicken for lunch, can still taste it when I burp!



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